New Puzzel for SMP1 (Comming Soon)

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  1. I have decided to make a puzzle on my residence 1347. "The Puzzle," which is what it will be called will include other puzzles like jumping puzzles, mazes, redstone puzzles, riddles, and lots of tricks to mess with your mind!

    I may have check points in the puzzle, but just because there is a checkpoint, doesn't mean I can't try to send you back to the beginning. So Evil! I am planing on filling my whole residence with puzzles. I will have races and contests when the puzzle is done and there will be a reward for the people who win.

    Donations would be greatly appreciated and will help a lot. I will except white and black wool, redstone, and rupees if you so desire.
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  2. Wait. I'm... confused. For the donations, will you except or accept white and black wool, redstone and rupees? They are almost opposites, so yeah.
  3. I will accept, sorry So if you would like to donate white wool, black wool, redstone or rupees so I can buy these items myself, that would be very appreciated.
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  4. Bump
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  5. I can't wait for this! I'd donate if I wasn't poor, but you have my support.
  6. Thanks man I appreciate your support, even if you can't donate. :)
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  7. Hello, and sorry for disturbing you. I am a member of Carthaga, and Kaizimir was wondering if there is anything we Carthageans can do to help support your project :3? I see you have already made a list of what items you need, but, may I please ask how much of each you need, please :D?
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  8. I certainly thank you for anything you donate me, and trust me when I say this, I need a literal TON of white wool and a small amount of black wool, but here it is. Saying that I do fill my entire residence with puzzles, about 2 double chests of white wool, one double chest of black wool, a double chest of Redstone, and two stacks of sticky pistons. Now I do not expect you to donate all of that, but whatever you can donate, even a stack or two of wool, is graciously appreciated. If you and anyone else donates, thank you very much. Also, the hopper only goes into a single chest which holds 27 stacks of an item and I won't be able to make more chests till tomorrow, so if there is no more space, just leave it in a chest on your residence with an access sign. Just tell me your residence number and I'll pick it up tomorrow. Thank you. :)
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  9. I've sent 5000r your way, good luck with your project :)
  10. Thankyou so much faith! I may be buying a lot of materials from your megamall for my puzzle. :)
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  11. I am actually on tonight and have created more chests for donations. Time to put that 5000r to use :D
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  12. Ok, can do! :D The white wool will be a sinch to get, and so will the sticky pistons. The redstone and black wool, however, will take some time to retrieve. I will make sure that all donations will be directly sent to you and easily located to find everything that you asked for. The res. number to pick things up will be 8097, server: smp4. Thank you! :D
  13. All right, the sticky pistons are in! :D The chest is labelled with "puzzle project" on it, with only access for you. The other chest beside it has access for you and Qwerty189, for the farms.
  14. Thank you thank you thank you sooo much! I don't know how to than you enough! :D I am truly greatful of your kindness.
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  15. 8comimi? Guess what :D? We JUST got a full DC of redstone in for you! :D We also have half of a SC of white wool stacks with your name on it too! :D When you a re ready to ome and pick them up, the res. is 8097, on smp4. :) I hope this helps. :D
  16. Yes! Thank you so much. This will help tremendously. :D
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  17. Change that from 1/2 an SC to a full SC, lol :D.
  18. Amazing, thanks. :)
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  19. The other half of the DC will be brought in soon. When it does, I'll contact you.

    We are also now working on the black wool bit, too.
  20. 8comimi? I am very sorry that this is a very late reply. I have been stuck off the forums for a while, but managed to get back on, for now. Do you still need wool for your puzzle?