In need of white stained clay......

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JParsonsX, Apr 9, 2015.

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  1. I am currently working on my mega mall on /smp4 (like my signature says) and I am in need of A LOT of white stained clay. Lockdown32 has agreed to build the structure of my mega mall for free as long as I supply the materials.

    1. How do I craft white stained clay =P

    2. I will pay for it, 64 for 320r? (please check since I am sorta new) I am also accepting ONY SCs of clay because DCs will be too much for me to pay. I will also accept it free (I HIGHLY doubt that xD :p)

    3. Unfortunately, due to my low amount of rupees, the first 8 people to agree to supply stained clay will be paid. If I am getting only 3 stacks per person, then I will raised the amount of people.

    I am also in need of other materials; PM me on the forums to know what else I need. ;)

    Thanks! :D
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  3. What you need is the Highway to Mesa ;)

    Go to smp3, southern waste outpost, go all the way south and bam. Huge amount of clay to be found there, including naturally spawned layers of white clay. You should be able to bag several stacks there easily.
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  4. Thanks so much!!
  5. While I admire your ambition, I don't think aspiring to run a mega mall when you can't even afford the building material is necessarily the best idea. A much better idea is to focus on supplying a key high-demand resource to the economy, either through a chest shop or selling to mega malls directly. Great examples:

    - Logs
    - Wool
    - Sand
    - Glass
    - Sandstone
    - Mined Material
    - Cobble
    - Wheat

    You will make a lot more money, and once you have a million rupees, then build up your mega mall. With an effective enough commodity, you can make >5k/hr, in which case it will take you about 5 weeks of full-time effort (40 hours/week x 5k/hr x 5 weeks = 1,000,000r).

    I know this probably isn't the answer you want to hear, but the reality is that someone has to stock the mega mall after it's built, so you'll either have to pay people above-market prices to encourage them to stock it, or stock things yourself. At which point, you've got to stock hundreds of different items (there are over 700 items in Minecraft at present), most of which are going to be really slow to sell. Versus focusing on a few items, getting really efficient at producing those, and making much more per hour.

    There are a LOT of empty malls, don't waste your time building something which wont serve any purpose for anyone.
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  6. Okay, your math skills are amazing.

    I must now go for 1Mr... (never hit it, but have well over 3mil in items... I just want that rupee balance).

    Time to get working,....

    Well I had 1.7M that one time qwerty paid me his money as a joke....
  7. Yup, what shell said.
    White is 'naturally' occurring in the mesa biome, so no need to make white clay, unless you have excess hardened clay and bones laying about.
    If you cannot mine the white yourself, then 'hire' someone to do the clay-ness work.
    Else what FDNY said, with the clay and bonemeal.

    Now... define 'a lot'... :p

    Some storms we been having eh?
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  8. OMG yeah there was a tornado watch :p and i have plenty of bones...a DC + 1/2 an SC of bones XD I plan to have the structure built at least and then i can start saving materials for the mall. I do not expect this is take less a year...
  9. Well, on smp4 most of the malls are out of stock or don't have all the materials the player want. I DO NOT expect this take less than a year. I expect this to take at the least a year if not more. I do not have 1 million rupees, but i have saved up many items that I have been saving up, plus I plan to get an alt and play on it as well. I have also got 3/4 of a list of EVERY item on minecraft. All I need to add is the EMCERS custom items. I have planned ahead....but this is a LONG TERM project. And man, you are REALLY a good at math =P
  10. I'd suggest the Colour Shop :)
  11. Where do you live where there are tornados in early april? We had 3 confirmed in northwestern OH. good thing I live in the northeast. :D
  12. Illinois. There wwas a tornado in November once =P
  13. Thanks also! :D
  14. Me and Mad_Miner24_7 are currently mining and will be happy to sell you any clay we get (stained white of course). If there is anything else we can get for you i'm sure we can find it :) (I'll pm you for the list)
  15. Thanks for all the responses! can this thread be closed?
  16. Report the original post with the reason "please close this thread" to get your thread closed.
  17. Closed due to OP request.
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