In need of a doctor

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  1. I really need a doctor these things are starting to hurt, can someone give me an assessment on how much you will charge to pull these out? 2012-12-27_16.09.21.png
  2. lol
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  3. Thats not nice :( It hurts even more now! JK, any suggestions?
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  4. time heals all wounds
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  5. Time and Doctors.
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  6. Specifically a certain doctor with a blue box.
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  7. Just walk it off.
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  8. does he have "disconnect" written on him?
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  9. Disconnect, clap 3 times, jump 2 twice, touch your left foot with your right hand, then you right foot with your right hand, scratch your head with any hand, speak the following: 'nfell2009 ROCKZZ!!', and now reconnect.
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  10. Why not a mod who can kick admins? This is going to end up like Aikar and ruining the economy, at least between you Jack and I.
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  11. Rubbing Alcohol... Helps everything.
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  12. I figured.
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  13. Next time /kick [FULL NAME]
    But it was funny :)

    Go kryssy! For kicking IcC and his TNT ways! Next time aim for Aikar >.>
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  14. Try jumping into a large pit.
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  15. Clap your hands! Stomp your foot so hard it hurts!
    Now scream:

    That'll arouse some doctors... and if they ask why you're screaming: Just tell them you twisted your ankle on the way here because you were seeking medical help with arrows.
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  16. I dunno If he could even afford what they would charge to take those things out.
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  17. Just find someone who'll amputate your left arm. I mean, in the picture, thats the only thing punctured, right? Well, maybe part of your face, but that's a later issue.
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  18. Pun intended?
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  19. Just AFK for 10 mins. A magic unicorn will come by and spit on your wounds to make them better.
  20. You can do this yourself, it is very easy but takes time.
    Be Patient.
    Or, rip then from said limb and stop the bleeding.
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