In game book idea: "I Griefer"

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  1. As many of you know I've been away from EMC due to serious health problems.

    As I've been easing back into it, i've found some amount of griefing in pretty much every build I've done. Outpost, Perriville ...etc.

    So as I was sitting on the throne a moment ago, an idea came to me. How about I write an in-game book, given away for free at Perriville, that belittles the notion of griefing. My thought is to write it as if a linguistically challenged griefer has tried journaling his griefing activities, determinedly so. I plan to use the phrase "I Griefer!" (and variations) with grating excess, while the griefer describes his exploits and challenges. The idea is to show with leadened tongue and glacial cognition (Think caveman, only a more limited vocabulary) predominating the writing style, just the dimwittery that pervades the conscience of people who think breaking things others made is somehow a laudable goal with strangers.

    As for my motivation? It's only a matter of personal edification and venting.

    With that said, my questions for the community are:
    a) Could something like this be taken in so much offense as to be considered a violation of conduct? (If so this is a stillborn idea)

    b) Could it backfire so badly so that everything is completely razed? And I mean wiped off the map when i say razed.

    c) Are there other pertinent things that I should consider?
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  2. I think your first agenda is to report the greif, fix the greif, then possibly making books but overall cool idea! Also welcome back hope you are feeling better than you were previously.
  3. Right. good point. I always report the griefing. Thanks for the well wishes and support on this. :) I'm about to truck on back to Perriville and repair and repopulate. (need villager spawn eggs first.)
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  4. It would be an interesting story idea, though for writing a story like that I would watch your back if I were you! People are easily provoked and you never know when you might come home to everything burning down into ashes.
  5. So you're saying they would be upset that their behavior is generally distasteful and represented as such. Too bad there wasn't a test to weed them out first!

    EDIT: FYI, This also means I won't be making the book.
  6. Since you mentioned being away for a while: be sure to let us know if you need any stuff, us being GRIP. Here, this is who we are and what we do:

    We can probably refund quite abit of your stolen blocks in order to help you rebuild. Food for thought?
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  7. Thanks! Actually Perriville was a nobrainer. The bridge, bite mentioned to me might need this still. JJTheWise had replacements for NS HQ. I am about to go out to Perriville to see if it's been griefed since i gave it a rebuild and floral overhaul last night. If not then i get to see what, if anything, remains of the bridge i built. (i.e. More to come)
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  8. TL;DR
    The bridge is very ugly now. There were Lots of changes were made. There are lots of hovels attached to it. This complicates things. I'll let "the community" improve it. Read this post fully to know the conditions attached to that. I will make a more detailed improvements suggestion post and link it in the main body below, but it might take a couple of days.

    Okay since I last posted I've investigated the bridge. It appears multiple people have done things to it. Some appears to be repair with random block types, some is just fundamentally changing it. Also, others have built hovels directly off of it. So it's highly unlikely that one could fully restore it without being called a griefer... This is a sad situation, but I suppose inevitable with being gone over 200 days.

    So I'm relinquishing "responsiblity" for improving the bridge situation (on SMP6) to the general public with two conditions:

    First, Don't block the water way below.
    I raised the bridge up so boat traffic would be able to pass. Mod's approved it before I embarked on the change. So if you want to alter the bridge, just be consistent with it and don't block the water, but otherwise have at it. Of course it never hurts to review your ideas with a mod first. Be sure to refer them to this post. I believe I "technically" have say over what's done to it as I built it up in the first place.

    Second, please pretty it up some, this includes the hovels as well as the bridge.
    The Frontier is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing, to as many people as possible, in the non-claimable areas, such as right off of spawn. This wartorn-bridge + hovel combination doesn't result in a pleasant visual experience for most people. If you you don't own a hovel off the bridge but want to improve it, review your proposed changes with a mod first!

    Note: I will post a suggestion thread for how I would clean up the buildings and bridge, with images after I've been back and screen-shotted it. I will also link that post here. Don't wait on that if you have good ideas right now, as it will be a couple of days. I've got some other stuff I'm doing at the moment.