In 1,000 words or less...

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  1. 11/10!!! You sound Like a poet!!! And it totally makes sense to me!! (Also, sounding like a poet is a compliment in my world.) :)
  2. I agree, it's very good. But what does it mean? :) 10/10.
  3. Posting what it is about would ruin all the fun. I think people can figure out the basic concepts even is they don't get the symbolism.
  4. Thanks
  5. This is a poem.
    Written by me...
    Wasn't that a beautiful Poem :D
    I love grey...
    What a wonderful text color
    It is somber.
    It is awesome.
    It is boistrous.
    It is annoying.
    It is useful..
    It is misused.
    Thank you,
  6. 6.5/10.
    It isn’t every day that that a seemingly normal person goes on a fantastical adventure of amazingness and wonder and pie. This was not one of those aforementioned days; this was your regular day kind of day. The day where nobody felt like doing anything out of the ordinary, content with the embrace of routine, not realizing that said embrace can be best likened to a chloroform rag. People went about their day in the sunshine, with only the occasional cloud dotting the sky. Men went to their jobs. Women also went to their jobs because this isn’t the 60’s and we’re equal and- ah forget it this joke is too far-fetched anyway. So all these boring people did their boring society things, but one man wanted to do his not so boring anti-society things. This man was named; well actually he didn’t have a name for some reason. Weird. We’ll just call him That Guy for the lack of a better term. So That Guy had decided today would be a fun day to do something new. He had to pick the most creative way ever to cause society to crumble like a cookie in the hand of a grouchy toddler who refused to take a nap. He turned on the TV in his apartment, it was a nice 42” with surround sound. He was a prosperous anti-society kind of man. He tuned into the local news, and found the perfect opportunity: A protest happening at city hall. The taxes in this city were too high to many, and these protests were almost a daily occurrence. He quickly finished his tea (he was also a classy anti-society kind of guy), and when off to the local Staples. There he purchased glue, staples, various office supplies, markers, and a candy bar. He quickly went back to his apartment and got down to work. He thought for hours of what the perfect thing to say would be, and he finally got it.
    At the protest, various signs were held.
    “We need lower taxes!”
    “Down with high taxes!”
    “We can’t afford anything!”
    And there stood That Guy, holding a sign that read, “I think we’re doing a pretty good job.”.