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  1. ...type the most interesting, entertaining or awesome piece of original writing possible. Don't comment something like 'pie' or 'tomatoes', stretch yourself and write something incredible. Commence.
  2. Here it goes:
    "Well..." Job commented. "He really didn't mean any harm. He was just trying to help" "I don't CARE if he was trying to help!" Bella exclaimed. "He ruined everything!" "Come on! give him some slack." Job pleaded. Bella looked at Job, and looked at Carl. "Fine" She said as she lowered her revolver. She then walked over to Carl, and put the gun to his head. "But don't you EVER get us compromised again, or i'll blow your brains out." Carl nodded slowly, and Bella walked off. Job put his arm around Carl, then said, "She's really stressed. The Germans almost found us, and you did lead them to our base." Carl looked at Job. "No one said being a partisan would be easy"
  3. 7/10
  4. 5/10

    (My writing is fictional, obviously)
    "Gah! Give me some more time!" Potato said, whilst trying to hack into a computer.
    "Look, we've given you plenty of time. I apologize it's come to this. But, you should've listened." Tomato said, and he quickly threw Potato onto the desk, ignoring his cries.
    "Pineapple, get the sharpener." Tomato said, while holding down the whimpering Potato.
    "Yes sir! Here you go sir!" Pineapple replied whilst giving the sharpener to Tomato.
    "Stop saying "SIR" Pineapple. Now hold him down.. Wait.. Huh?!?"
    "I am afraid you shall be getting sharpened Tomato." Pineapple said whilst taking off his cover. Revealing POTATO #2!
    "Noooo! Why! What have you done with Pineapple!"
    "Oh, he's in some sewer right now.. You haven't noticed? Man, I really thought you cared of others!"
    "Nooooo!" Tomato cried whilst being cut to the core.
    Potato and Potato #2 lived happily ever after. The END!
  5. 4/10, this thread was built to amaze ;)

  6. 3/10
  7. It all began one day on a little lane in downtown Beyor, a small town in the southeast province of Gegor. There was much going on that day with being the annual Celebration day and one of the best so far, but instead of focusing on that we find ourselves looking at a lonely resident of Beyor that goes by the name Deerer, he seems no different than anyone else 7 feet tall and hardy but this particular Beyorian as they are called was not going to the festivities in the center of town he was going to his job, the only job that had to be done Celebration day Patrol, for as you see all around Gegor is very dangerous land filled with marshes and forests filled with many a dangerous creature.

    So as Deerer is walking to his job he feels something different in the air a much jollier feel something he has never felt not even on Celebration days past, he can smell something other than the factories scattered around Beyor. He continues walking but has a much brisker step for as he reaches the border he spots a strange one never witnessed by him, a humongous bird-like creature with with smoky white feathers as he nears the creature he begins to Hasten for he feels that this creature is violent. Once Deerer is range of the creature he starts to pull out his gun but is cut short for the creature mutters two words “Hop on” after much confusion on Deerer’s end the creature speaks the same words only this time much louder reluctantly Deerer gets on the creature back and then ‘woosh’ the creature takes to the skies.

    After some unknown time (for folk from Beyor do not use time) the creature starting telling Deerer that she had noticed that he was of the River folk, she knew this because she had been watching him for some time but for what reason she gave none, After what seemed like forever to Deerer the creature landed in a grassy plain surrounded by trees and told Deerer to get off soon after the creature took off and then it seemed like the ground was rising and moving about but Deerer noticed that the grass had faces and were talking.

  8. ... that ruined the entire story for me. what does this remind me of? that terrible sad excuse for books/movies. lol

    so ... here is my go

    once upon a time there was something very interesting in a very boring place.. it made the people of this boring place think it was interesting because they lived in a very boring place. this interesting thing was an interesting color, and an interesting shape. because everything in this boring place was really boring. this interesting thing was so interesting, that boring people came from every other boring places to see this interesting thing in this boring place. one day this interesting thing in this boring place, with boring people, and boring things suddenly turned boring like everything else around it. all the boring people, from all the other boring places went home to their boring houses, in their own boring towns. and everything continued to be boring, just like it always had been.
  9. 2/10 It's so depressing.

    You may be wondering to yourself, what does this mean? Well to Sebastion it's means how all the kids at school have been treating him.

    His girl friend Angel helped him get comfort right after his father's funeral. His father had died of lung cancer, you see he liked to smoke while he was on break from the war. He was a great marine. When he died, Sebastion and Chris carried his coffin to the grave site, where he will rest at last. Chris is Sebastion's best friend from their child hood. After the ceremony, Sebastion got so angry with himself, that he cut himself in the bathroom. Angel was their and heard what was happening and tried to help. Sebastion fainted right afterwards but before he did, he said, I love you, to Angel. You see they are a high school couple each 16 years old. Angel had helped him recover, and Sebastion was feeling himself again.

    I want to point this out, that I did not create this story, only paraphrased. I will not tell the rest because it is too gory. If you would like to know, search for The Outcaster on The Creepypasta wiki.

  10. 2/10

    I admit, my first story was a little far-fetched. :p

    One stormy night, a boy named John was playing with his toys. Then, a light pierced the sky, followed by a rack of thunder. Then, a knock was heard at John's window. John, terrified, look at his window in confusion. When he saw a cat, he quickly opened and closed the window, knowing his parents would be cross at him for opening a window without their permission. He examined the cat, and unexpectedly, the cat began to talk.
    "Johny-boy. What do you see? A room, with toys. What if I told you, that I can take you to a place much better than this?" The cat said.
    "But... What about my parents?" John replied.
    "They'll be fine. Time freezes here, when I take you down there."

    The cat and John went out the next morning, and the cat led him to a statue. The cat told John to touch the statue's plate. John lightly brushed his finger across the plate, and all of a sudden, a rumbling began. Then, as John began getting worried of the cat tricking him. The earth below him cracked and crumbled, and was destroyed as John fell in.

    "AHH!" John yelled, as he fell into the dark deep pit. Whilst falling, he looked up to the surface in regret, and everything went dark.

    When John woke up, his head had a constant throbbing, with the rest of his body. He tried to move his finger, he was simply too weak. As he struggled to move his head the room, he noticed an odd peculiar looking fellow, with a tail and paws for arms.
    As John tried to speak, what came out was vomit, and he felt even more horrible. The fellow turned around. And, turned out to be a walking cat.
    "How peculiar.." Though John, before he fell into the dark of unconsciousness.


  11. Time to throw some thoughts into text. It might make no sense.


    I could never quite find my lost belongings when I purposely searched for them.
    They were only found when I let it go, forgot to search.

    Connections are the same way. Need them, but don't go searching. Suddenly they've blown straight into my life.
    Suddenly they're filling my world with "found".

    "Found" is empowering.
    I'm unstoppable. Filled with so much love. Invincible.

    Am I addicted to "found"?
    Imagine finding that lost necessity. Over and over.
    I could cry, surely.

    The chances. The luck. It all plays in, in the end.
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  12. This will probably not make sense at all...

    I awake. I am in a field. I watch as a raven flies overhead. I watch until the ominous sign slowly flies out of sight. I begin to look for others, but I find only shadows. And so in the emptiness I sit, until dreams become reality and reality becomes dreams. The answer finally comes: the maiden with black hair appears. I do not know if she is an angel or Death incarnate and I do not care. I begin to follow the muse, although I am not sure why. As we cross a creek, I turn to watch butterflies flying by. As I turn back she is gone, and soon her name escapes me. The sound of rage and discord rips through the air. The sound of waves hitting the beach over and over again in Db minor feels my head and the world. The wind begins to blow harder. I hear two planets collide. The sound of nothing grows until darkness takes me.

    I awake. I sit between two pillars, old and timeless. I see the moon overhead illuminating everything in it's pale light. A mass of beetles crawl around me. I run into old, autumnal woods to escape the beetles. All is calm in these woods which I now sit. A raven flies overhead and I follow. It flies so quickly. My body feels as though it will rip from existence because of the exertion. It leads me to a sepulchre and dies in front of it. I pick up the corpse and watch it disappear into the quantum plane. I approach the sepulchre; it appears to be the center of the woods. The door has been ripped form the hinges, so I enter it and swim through the air until the moon takes me.

    I awake. And I see everything.
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  13. ..... 9/10
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  14. Yours was much better than mine.

    I am glad you like though. I was afraid to post it because I am very self conscious about my writing and I was afraid people would say it is too depressing.
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  15. Bahaha, nonsense. Mine was a blurb of stupid.
    Yours was beautiful and poetic!
  16. Quoth the raven, Nevermore. -Edgar Allen Poe
    The sun peeks out
    The rain comes down
    The raven crows, from its perch in the oak tree
    The tree, ah, the tree
    Standing tall against all nature has
    Wind, rain, sleet, snow
    The tree
    This tree, no ordinary tree
    It's roots, colossal
    It's age, immeasurable
    It's height, enormous
    The tree.
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  17. 7/10

    To be "Happy". What does it mean to you?
    Does it mean to be rich, or to be humble?
    Does it mean to be popular, or a good friend?
    Does it mean to have everything you want, or to give it all away?
    Or does it mean to follow what you belive in?
    "Happy" is all around us. There are advertisements that CLAIM that their product will make you happy; but will it really?
    So, next time you want something, or have a difficult choice to make, ask yourself this:
    "What is happiness to me?"
  18. I truly am quiet in real life, I am not a troll, or try to be when I am around real people. I sit quietly and do my work, I sometimes don't even raise my hand if I know the answer. I feel I am the loner of my classes, except for my friends who make school worth going to. I don't know why I am not a shy or as respectful as I am in real life, maybe it's because I am hiding behind a screen.
  19. Beyond the deep void of space, there was light. A light escaping a force of unspeakable energy. Within this void of force was death. Nothing escaped, nothing saw, and nothing cared. The light shines bright upon those of spherical clumped matter. The light brings wonders and beauty. Flowers blossom, birds tweet, and trees soar high into the night sky. The night; to remind us of the light to come. The light brought life, wisdom, and gratitude to this spherical clump. Within this clump, evolution took scene. From the mightiest of bacteria to the weakest forms of mammals, life evolved. The light shines brighter. A creature, a curious land mammal, looked up to the stars. He felt the greatness and desire they had brought so many light years away. He stands by her as she stands by him. In a distant galaxy, a light shines. A light so powerful, it's own true self combust. A grand display of beauty is shined. 15,000 years pass. The spherical clump inhabits a civilization. The light still shines. The species ascend to the heavens to search for answers. They see nothing, but a grand display of light that has traveled many distances. The species venture to the edge of mystery. There is nothing of interest but this peculiar light. They follow the path. The void had much to offer, beautiful cosmos, clusters of breath taking scenes. Though in the end of this light, the species could not escape with their vessel. The force of energy. In there they found death. Death welcomed them as old friends. The void continued. Nothing escaped, nothing saw, and nothing cared. Above all odds of chaos, beauty, and knowledge; the light shined, reminding all of a better, brighter day.

    Thanks for reading, I put these scrap of words together after a long day of work, so I'm a bit tired and some parts of this may not sound clear at all.
  20. Below The Depths Of The Sea, There Lay A Glowing Egg. For Thousands Of Years, It Glowed And Glowed. And One Day, It Hatched. Out Came A Beautiful Mermaid Who Charmed Everyone Who Saw Here. But One Day, She Failed To Charm A Merman Swimming By. She Asked Him: "Why Aren't You Charmed By My Looks, Young Man??? I Have Long Hair, Pretty Clothes, And The Prettiest Tail In The Sea. So Why Aren't You Charmed??" He Said: "My Heart Has Not Been Taken By You, Because It's Already Been Taken." The Mermaid Looked Envious. "By Whom??" She Demanded. "My Wife." The Merman Said. "Now If You'll Excuse Me, I'm Going To Have Dinner With My Wife." And Off He Went. :) NOTE TO SELF: Why Do I Find This Slightly Comedic???