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  1. Hello Empire, today I'd like to ask you to do something to help a brand new community.

    SpongePowered is looking to step up to the plate in CraftBukkit's place. Long story short, Bukkit was taken down, Spigot, and anyone else using part of Bukkit's code.

    Some of the best Developers are gathering together to answer the call (Aikar has been helping out Spigot for quite some time, and yes he is a part of this team now too!). You can visit the website to get a general idea. -> http://spongepowered.org
    (Please note that this website is still in process of being made.)

    So, what I am asking you to do, is to retweet this tweet and help spread the word. :)

    *Edit: Here's another tweet put out, if you'd like to retweet this one as well.
  2. Done :)
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  3. Okay, will retweet soon :) retweeted :p
    So Bukkit is dead?
  4. Possibly, yes. It's just a large legal battle right now.
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  5. Well, Bukkit is owned by Mojang. Wolverness DMCA'd Bukkit for using his code, which he then in turn DMCA'd Spigot, and a bunch of other server programs.

    SpongePowered will not have that issue as they are using a different kind of licensing, and they will not be using any of Bukkit's code. As for Bukkit being dead, well that is up to Mojang. :)
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  6. 'SpongePowered' what a silly name. I bet whomever came up with that is a little bit nuts.
  7. Well some people poached a few of the names - I think it was originally going to be SpongeProject. SpongePowered was free, and they decided on a whole that is what they liked. :p
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  8. When I think of this, I think of Steam :p
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  9. Done! :)
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  10. Thank you for retweeting that, this way I didn't have to search for the account :p
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  11. So what does this mean?
    Is this what happened?

    1.Emc ran the old bukkit which worked
    2.bukkit closed
    3. Emc is going to pass to Spongepowered?
  12. As it's looking right now, yes. But it would require Aikar to recode almost EVERYTHING.
  13. I don't believe that is the case, just because of a different "source" as long as we use the same plugins it is fine the only coding that needs to be done is optimizing the plugins.
  14. Anybody want to do a reddit post?
    *cough* Aikar/Maxarias/Krysyyjane9191 *cough*
  15. Davie had a hidden face in his post!? Possibly meaning he was a part of creating the name? :p
  16. There's one for Sponge in /r/admincraft already, would be surprised if one wasn't in /r/minecraft by now.
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  17. Oo jack, stop using your common sense about finding information on popular sites. Stop it you :p
  18. Will someone explain bukkit to me?