Important News and New Features with Status Bar on Sidebar (home)

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  1. Simple suggestion: Put all the important news in the sidebar of home.
    Also, maybe put the features that are under development with a "loading" or status color bar so that everyone knows when it's going to be released and what it is. Maybe linked to the forum thread with the specifications of the features :D
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  2. Hmm, I like the idea of a quick sidebar widget that will keep the most important items ready to see.
  3. Added something real quick. Should help a ton :) I can put server status there too for MC servers when down for example.
  4. Please do. I don't think many people appreciate the 17 threads that people make for that.
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  5. I like the new sidebar! It looks nice n' pretty. :)
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  6. Added server status
  7. Quickest suggestion to deployment of idea? Just maybe.
    I like it :D
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  8. Thanks Aikar, appreciate your help and We will never be able to thank enough for all the man hours you put into this :D
  9. all i have noticed sadly, is how it constantly says that everything is quite slow, or that something is invalid... that may not be a good thing to broadcast.. i haven't seen it say anything positive yet.
  10. I believe that this is because is a "manually" updated widget. Once Aikar get's the time he'll update it correctly :)
  11. No, it's fully automated for server status once a minute.

    The legacy login servers appear to be constantly having problems...
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  12. "No news is good news". I only made it report problems, not what servers are up.
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  13. ah, okay. i thought it was to broadcast how emc was doing.
  14. In that order of ideas, maybe would be great to make the system report "All ok" status as well, probably newcomers won't like to see only bad news and no great news at all :p
  15. The servers section shows that.
    Guess so, will look into that in a bit.
  16. MC Server Status is displaying Login:Invalid credentials login:invalid credentials login:invalid credentials login:invalid credentials
  17. Check the last update, just reload homepage.

    Thanks for ultra-fast deployment of that :)