Important Message to People with and without depression!!!

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  1. [forget it -.-] I removed the picture because look below =P
  2. FYI: that can be interpreted as triggering by some suffering from those issues.
  3. why?
  4. I suffer from them and I don't have anything bad with the picture, it may look like it but if they look at the writing they'll understand what it means
  5. I am confused. Did you have something to say then edited it out, or are you telling people who have depression to forget it? All I can say is I really hope it is not that second option :confused:
  6. I had a picture but someone (you can see above) told me that it's bad so I gave up on showing the picture... It had a message on it but apparently the drawing wasn't good
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  7. Seeing pictures of cutting could cause a triggering effect for anyone suffering from that problem who come across it. I didn't have an issue with the message but I was concerned the picture could be counter-productive to the message.
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  8. .... well I can be triggered very easy ... but that didn't trigger me ....

    I saw the picture before I said anything
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