I'm the "new" guy! :)

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  1. Hello Empire!

    To start off I would like to say that I am an alt, a special kind of alt, an alt of majestic, but also very mysterious.
    Can you guess who I am?

    I have loved EMC for 861 days, but a new appearance was needed.

    Thank you all for the welcomes..Now...If you only knew who I was. hehe :)

  2. square reveals shared accounts on your ip ;)
    but i wont spoil the fun :p:cool:
  3. someone that has leaked a new apple product... the iMajestic!
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  4. Might the "i" give it away?? :)
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  5. Well.. I welcome your new alt to EMC, I guess ;)
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  6. 861 days ago was around April 1st, 2012. Of well known members, you are one of the following:
    • AmusedStew
    • nick_godoy
    • IamSaj
    • Xandrow
    • Kaizimir
    • Luke4214
    • Apcmagician
    • Steven7485
    • I like a pig (ain't bothered with all those x's and underscores)
  7. You're the "new" guy!
  8. Apcmagician, hello...

  9. its one of those! :p

    nothing in the the old one and this one are remotely the same.
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  10. I could go and find who you are because you gave your join date, but I figure people make secret alts for a reason so I won't bother.
  11. I have some sort of feeling you're either IamSaj or ApcMagician.
  12. negative :p
  13. More melons?:)
  14. Thanks for telling me who it was bats ;) Welcome to the empire new alt :D
  15. how'd I say who's it was? lol it's not mine if that's what you think? lol
  16. I was joking with ya, pretending you told me because you know who it is. and i know its not you, or is it :)
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  17. but i've been sworn to secrecy.
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  18. Despite how you effectively narrowed it down to, like, 6 accounts out of 80,000 :p
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  19. муѕtєяισυѕ & мαנєѕtι¢ :)
  20. I created this thread Aug 10th, and no one has figured out who I am. :p

    ( except for those I go to school with / staff ) Hopefully they don't say anything lol