I'm the genius that got stuck in a hole in the wastelands

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  1. Hey guys!

    I just started MC again after a very long break. I know that you aren't supposed to dig straight down. BUT, I went AFK with my laptop on my bed. My 4-year old was sleeping there also and was still asleep when I left. I came back to him telling me he killed a skeleton. He also got me stuck in a very, very deep hole with no torches and just a pickaxe. Normally, I'll dig myself out but it's a bit harder in the dark (plus, I'm lazy). Is there a command that I'm missing that can get me out? I'm in the wastelands and I can't use Town commands.

  2. Getting to you ingame now. :)
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  3. Gentleman

    Get someone to help, like Tom or dig yourself up. Might be annoying and hard but Minecraft can be sometime. :)
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  4. Thanks a bunch for the quick responses!
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