I'm sorry eveyone (espically JackBiggin and ignoreamouse)

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  1. My immature actions the other day were fueled by somtin else that was going on in my life. I'm very sorry to everyone and i relize that my ban may never be apealed but i just want everyone to know that im sorry! BTW its ignoreamoose....i messed up :p
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  2. Please do ban appeals in a PM to the moderator who banned you. Also don't try and get attention by making threads like this.
  3. Way to ruin the apology :p
  4. *apology...sorry i couldn't resist
  5. Its just an appoligy. Lets not repeat the Jlopez epesode
  6. If you were truly sorry for what you have done you wouldn't have done it. I know that at times your not thinking but it people would have told you to stop what you were doing before you got banned.
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  7. LOL
  8. also, ignoramoose...not mouse...

    he likes mice, he ignores moose
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  9. fail on my part ;P
  10. Wrong way to appeal.
  11. i'm not tryin to appeal ppl!! im saying sorry!!
  12. That's appealing, if you haven't been unbanned. Which you haven't.
  13. Ignoreamouse huh? I think I know what the next alt is going to be on here lol :)
  14. IKR!
  15. And of course ignoreacow and ignoreapig and any other completely unoriginal and unimaginative names people can come up with.
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  16. ignoreacreeper :D
  17. You have Kurtjmac's skin, I wouldn't be calling anything unimaginitive until you change it to a skin you made...
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  18. I have that skin because I like it and am a fan of Doctor Who.
    I never claimed to be imaginative in any way.
  19. You were criticizing unimaginitive names. Doctor who sucks now :p Ever since matt smith came along it has been ruined.
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  20. Those words they sting