im seriously irritated!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by chrisisaboss91, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. ok you might be thinking "why are you irritated" or "chris you have 3 threads in the thread area right now" ok will im going to awnser both of those questions. ok im IRRITATED because my favorite surfboard got hit by this 5 year old and now it has an extremely bad dent!!! i hate 5 year olds now, but if there are any other surfers out there you know how it feels....
    but i REALLY need to know where to buy a resin kit to fix it like do i go to a surf shop or what!?!?
    also the threads i just have alot on my mind :\
  2. Wow, that sucks :\ Is it your brother (the 5-year old)?
  3. nope some random kid hit me and i started SCREAMING and cussing at the kid and his mom and then his mom starts screaming at the kid.... god i had random 5 year olds
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  4. ?
  5. Wow... I feel bad for you right now, but that kid should have to pay for the surfboard to be fixed (or at least his parents) and ya you should take it to a surf shop, i guess but ive never had a surf board b4 so i dont really know.
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  6. Ok why were you screaming? Your 22 xD
  7. or is he...
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  8. yeah im really mad right now plus i JUST joined the surf team at my school so i have to use one of my dads really expensive boards and i dont want to ruin those....
  9. im not 22 im 12...
  10. Another liar about their age... *sigh*
  11. when exactly did i say im 22?
  12. and you had to make a entire thread all about it?
  13. Your profile page.
  14. your profile says you are 22.
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  16. well it doesint let my play if i put im 12.... :\
  17. Exactly...
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  18. no, it does, but you would have to say that your parents allow it, which seeing as you put that you are 22, which meant you lied by about 10 years not 1 year, then im sure you wouldnt have to ask your parents. :)
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