I'm not sorry. At all.

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  1. ...and you guys thought the Dufne/Rhythmically thing was bad. :]
    Welcome to the era of Rhythmicaly/Rhythmically/Rhythmicallly/Rhythmicalllly.
  2. :]
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  3. So, uhm, which one is you? :D
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  4. When I was pm-ing u in game, I pressed tab and all of these names of Rythymically came up. :p I discovered all your alts. :D
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  5. The one without a username above it.
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  6. It took me such a long time to figure out the name differences.
  7. *dies* Who is who? do you even exist?
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  8. I think that's only a trick shot ;)
  9. This....this....whyyy :p I cry
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  10. Eh? What's this about?
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  11. Kill me now
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  12. While we may not have similar names... :]
  13. I have no reason to ever be sorry. :D

    Also, this is Houston. Calling your FOV to be brought back down.
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  14. Quake pro is leif
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  15. /doom this is the end of the world
    Edit who am I kidding I have 2 accounts and my sisters account
  16. I am Sgt_Pepper4. Nothing suspicious here.
  17. *Grabs screenshots of all my alts XD*
  18. I feel sorry for dufne, just being dat clone