Im Not leaving Thread!!

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  1. For too long I've sat and read the plethora of "Im leaving" threads, then watching the Jerry McGuire's Jumping on the band wagon, shouting from their soap boxes about EMC's Apparent impending doom...

    You see its not Withering away it's gathering momentum, these new player's that some have referred to as a "plague" are in fact your new blood, your new customer's your new friends!!

    Yes "Newbies" may be annoying with there countless questions and begging for Rupees..

    But I ask you EMC can any of you honestly say you have not asked a question for which there is a answer in the guide? I thought not...

    Give these new players a chance, don't just say "read the guide" yes people should do that, but the 5 min's it will take to explain or SHOW (some people learn though doing rather than reading) some one how to do it will save you countless hours of spam in the chat box...

    And if your not the type that likes to help /ignore.

    Lack of updates and news of current issues from staff..

    Justin and ICC both have real life jobs, and a young family in justin's case. they are not here 24/7,
    Yes things do go wrong, the website has had issues, but every single time there has been a update on the facebook page to mention this... (How can they tell you via the website if its down!!)

    No updates I hear you say, well no for a while there has not been a update you can see in game, but instead of thinking about what we don't have think about what you do have, or better yet join any other server and have fun walking though the world for 35 mins + to find a plot of land you can build on and a part of the wilderness that is not ruined, once you've done that endure more than 1 hour of a multi colour chat box pleading with you to donate your soul for "Special features"...

    Emc has a great platform that I can see acting as a springboard for better things but WE cant do this unless we all stick together welcome new blood and be nice!!

    So who is with me EMC? Im shouting my dedication to EMC here. Post below to say "IM NOT LEAVING...

    That is all.

    TL : DR Dont leave EMC on a whim.

    Also I made some cupcakes. enjoy
  2. My cupcake pic did not load. :( I guess the cake was a lie
  3. I never left, I took a ''leave'', short break
  4. A star cannot leave, nor he quits, He will never give up to make EMC a better place... :)
  5. EMC will stay strong whatsoever and I'm NOT leaving EMC.
  6. Pfft. I'm not leaving.
  7. Good... Spread the word "Im not leaving"... the only way is up
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  8. I'm glad you made this thread. I'm not going anywhere. When the day comes that I do get burnt out, and I will. I will quietly take a break for as long as need be. There are plenty of players that do this and I applaud them for it. As for people being too busy; I doubt many people work as much as I do, plus a family. In big people world you learn to juggle all of these things. One or two hours of EMC before bed works best for me. Anything else is a bonus.

    Announcing in a thread that you are leaving makes a terrible first impression on new members. I suggest announcing it on your profile, if anyone cares they will read it.

    I'm waiting for my cupcake:).
  9. xD Could you imagine how that would have looked with your old avatar of your little guy in his seat?

    I'm not leaving unless 1. EMC shuts down or 2. I get banned. I may become burned out on EMC every now and then but I will take a break and not spend all my time on it etc. I've learned that with other games and such as well :).
  10. *bans PandasEatRamen* Muhahahahahaha

    Im never going to leave, even if i get banned. Pffft I will never get banned. im kinda too good. :)
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  11. Cept when thestar burns out all of his fuel and implodes on him self and explodesszszzz
  12. pff.. I joined in November for crying out loud! I get "burnt out" as you say all the time! But now that I gots me supporting EMC I'll be here for a long time.. If I was to get burnt out I would just use Mo' Explosives on SSP or try to do Tekkit.. Which I still don't get :\
  13. I'm not leaving. You guys are just stuck with me.
    So while I'm here.. Can i haz rupes plx?
  14. What is this "leaving" you speak of? I may have taken a little break, but this is still one of my favorite servers, and I will NOT let down the EMC community by stopping my support for it!
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  15. Thank you for this thread. I'm not leaving. :)
  16. Melodytune has liked all the posts of this thread :D
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  17. Because these are the people that AREN'T leaving. :)
  18. Im to you to decide if im actually leaving or not!