I'm new here, forgive my nub question...

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  1. But I just want to be certain I am understanding things right. When in the wilderness (or frontier but I am mostly concerned about the wilderness now), in order to get back to town you have to hoof it, right? All these commands that take you places magically don't seem to work in the wilderness. I just wanted to be certain I wasn't going to miss anything. Cause its gonna be a pain to mine my way up from bedrock where I have found myself. :)
  2. Gotta get back to spawn. See nubs do know some things :p
  3. *nods* So hoof it. Thanks :)
  4. Yah, you need to find your way back to the outpost (the protected area of it) before you can issue teleport commands such as /home. If you get lost then /map is a good way to find your way back: it'll show you the URL to access the livemap of the server you're on. This map can display all worlds, and that can help you locate an outpost in your area. For example, for SMP5 you'd use this link.

    Maybe also nice to know: nearly all commands which you can use in town can also be used while you're on the outpost. So if you came back with a good haul of loot from mining and you're not really done yet then you could use the /vault command while you're on the outpost, dump all your loot in the vault and then head right back over to your mine again.

    Hope this helps!
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  5. the only nub questions are the ones not asked.

    just wanted to point that out since shel has already replied into every corner :D
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