I'm new, but I'm NO noob

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  1. :p I've been playing minecraft for around 8 months now, on my sisters account. I am a TOTAL skeleton fraidy-cat, and every creeper I see blows up. I don't have much else to say, but next time I post, I'll give a screenshot of my house. So, bye for now! :p
  2. Welcome!
    I know what you mean with the creepers, but you better watch out you don't blow up other people's builds! ;)
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  3. Welcome to the empire!
  4. Welcome to EMC!
  5. But you are a noob to EMC....
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  6. Welcome to the Empire!
  7. Hello and Welcome to EMC
  8. Welcome to EMC! :) You seem like a pretty cool person already, just by reading your title. :p If you're not a noob, then you're already light years ahead of where I was when I joined. :)

    I look forward to meeting you ingame! :D
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  9. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  10. Hey, welcome! What SMP are you on? If you find yourself on 2 (for whatever reason ANYONE has to visit that place...), come by and say hello!
  11. Glad to meet ya, sis! XD I've known you for many, many years, but only now in the form of a player on EMC.
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  12. Oh, a friend of eve? Nice!
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  13. She said "sis" wich probably means shes her sister.
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  14. Yup. Sisters for life!
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  15. Welcome to the Empire CatLady. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  16. Welcome to the empire!
    I'm not new, but still a noob :p.

    See ya around!
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  17. Don't want to scare you off right after you joined us but in the Empire wasteland creepers can be scary but don't compare against their enraged cousins. No; this isn't a charged creeper but much worse. The kind of (EMC) custom creeper which actually can go b00m, b00m, b00m!

    (warning: don't click that link unless you want a certain creeper rap song to stick in your head all day :D)

    Eerr, where was I?

    Oh right, welcome to the Empire! I hope you're going to be enjoying you stay here. I saw you landed on SMP7, I don't know much about that server apart from the fact that they have some really nice shops there.

    Looking forward to that screenshot! :)

    Now I'm stuck with the creeper rap in my head... ;)
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  18. I didn't even click the link, and yet it did it... xD
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  19. I see my minions have made me even more enemies, I'm terribly sorry for any trouble they have... "No james! NO! *Ssss...BOOM" Well... I guess we can't ever stop these blasted creaters :(
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