I'm leaving

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  1. good bye EMC. I've been with the empire for a shocking 245 days, and I'm leaving. i am not giving anything away, so don't ask. ill be back in two weeks. oh, i forgot to mention this is for a summer camp :p could you hold my res? this is part troll, but i am leaving for two weeks. see you then!


    p.s. ICC could u please hold 4271 n smp2? its my res, and i love this server :D
  2. :( Byes, I will count the days you will be gone, I will misses you. :(
  3. :cool: Nice one. Well played, Sir.
  4. Have fun at camp and remember that we are waiting here with open arms for you in two weeks.
  5. i forgot to say, that i don't leave till this sunday (the 22nd).
  6. i will hunt you down and take you back to the empire:p
  7. only if everyone who sees this thread CLICKs MY EGGS! ;)
  8. well more truffles for me!!!
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  10. a truffle they look gross don't they
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  11. Send him a PM, you can't guarantee he will see this.
  12. i did. he hasn't replied yet.
  13. i think early EMC it was told that when the derelict policy was introduced you could pm somebody, i would assume that still holds true. but im sure aus has already taken care of that information being given to you, seeing as he is a former mod :)
  14. I am also leaving. For ~5 days. Be back then. Will be on forums but not in game.. :p
  15. You got me- Consider me trolled :p
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  16. No one cares.

    Lol jk, bye <3
  17. Well damn, love you too.
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  18. I will eat some cake in your name.
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  19. I feel like I have started an epidemic.
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