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  1. Hello people of EmpireMinecraft i have been playing on this server for nearly 9 months, and i have grown bored, i have accomplished all the is to accomplish (apart from kill the ender dragon) so i am going to leave. But instead of leaving, my plot getting reset and my stuff being destroyed i will do a kind of raffle. Post your name in the comments and i will pick a random name. This person will get all permissions to my plot and can take or break what they want.
    The plot is on Smp 4
    Plot number 9035
    The plot will be erased after 10 days, after i have picked the person. :)
  2. sorry to see that your leaving i play on smp4 to
  3. dogsrnice
  4. sqiggleyjeff
    Sorry to see you leave P.S we have the same skin :p
  5. Sorry to see you leave there exciting thing coming soon, a lot of things going on in the background. But if you are determined to leave then through my name into the pot.
  6. coffee_bullet
  7. Meh, I always like a good raffle. I'm in, and we'll no doubt see you for the release of 1.3 XD
  8. Hey if you pick me give me a day or two to collect what I want then open it up to the public to enjoy. :D Since that's always fun.
  9. I am sad to see a member leave but we must move on as I have barely completed anything.
  10. dylan_frenette

    hate people are leaving.. but thats how the world works right?? if you never got bored then * shudder*
  11. Come back after 1.3, there will be interesting new things happening.

    Take a break; come back in about a month!
  12. Why leave?
    You say you are leaving because you have done everything.
    Aikar is working on a pvp thing and Much MORE stuff is coming.
    So please dont leave
    Also since Empire weekly exist it adds many things to your havent done things.
  13. snozles

    good luck man where-ever you go smp4 will miss you :/
  14. Shame you have to go.
    DaJaKoe and Dragonorb18.
  15. Hey herbrin3 sorry to hear that your leaving I go to your shop a lot. Anyway hope you have fun away from the servers.

    Kind Regards
  16. Goodbye from Rilibi
  17. I'm not leaving. xoluss is.
  18. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    Sorry to here ANOTHER EMCer leave. How is this all boring to you guys? ITS FUN!
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  19. yeah bro sorry that your leaving. ill join the raffle. thanks xoluss