I'm Gold Now! Ask Me Anything!

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  1. Well it has finally come. I am finally a supporter, after months of planning to do this. I am so glad to be a supporter here. This is the only server I ever play on. I have to thank you all, the players, and the staff; Justin, ICC, Aikar, Maxarias, etc. And now a story:

    I purchased Minecraft on the 11th of April. I found this server on the 12th. Since that day, I haven't searched for anything better. I was shown perfection. With the help of a friend, I set up a little farm, and by the end of the day, a terrible little store. I kept gathering and farming, building stuff up. I opened an actual shop, expanded downwards and continued. Around June, I started going on the forums. I quickly participated in everything I could find. I never really did anything of note. I built more of my shop, mined, nothing big. I opened a bookstore, and built an even bigger shop. I moved up on the forums, and nothing really. I moved to SMP1 from 6, and from there did absolutely nothing. Despite my terrible and incoherent story telling almost nothing, I need to say, I love this place.

    Anyway, ask me anything.
  2. Ehr mer gerd.
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  3. Why do you like Portal so much?
    What sort of nothing have you done on smp1?
    Toasterbot says there are no more numbers. Your response?
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  4. You've played it. You should know.
    I tried to reboot the bookstore, now I don't know what to do.
    #999999990: No more numbers. Creating more numbers.
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  5. Are you a brony, or a pony!?
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  6. Why can't I be both?
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  7. How did you come up with your name?
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  8. I used the gamertag generator for Xbox Live. It has no numbers in it, and is actual words, so it sticks with me everywhere except Steam and one other forum.
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  9. Just thought I should list some people I have to thank. Was saving it for my 365th day, but why not?
    -eyewillkillu for introducing me to this forum.
    -Mrlegitislegit for being so legit.
    -JackBiggin for letting me use his res when I moved to SMP1.
    -Penfoldex because.
    -All the staff for making this the best server in the world.
    -72volt for starting the New Republic (although I've been to busy to actually help as of late...)
    -It's been so long that I forgot their name, but the founder of PPO on SMP6, the first outpost I joined.
    -Adammac19, 80fireman, and other friends I referred to this server.
    That's all I could think of for now using the trainwreck that is my brain.
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  10. How did you become a brony?
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  11. dude, that's fine, nobody is obliged to do anything, we're actually quite a bit behind ourselves :)

    My question; which do you prefer, market economies (where how resources are produced, distributed and consumed are decided by businesses and customers) or planned economies (where how resources are produced, distributed and consumed are decided by the government)?
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  12. Do you REALLY love ponies?
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  13. I prefer market economies. Despite the obvious benefits of a free market, I feel it promotes creativity as it is easier to acquire resources for yourself in a market economy as opposed to a planned economy.
    I am incapable of love.
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  14. Congrats on gold :)

    If you could ask your future self (from the year 2050) one question, what would it be?
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  15. Ah, it all started a long (See: seven months) ago. I had been at my summer camp, and a friend I haven't seen in about two years shows up wearing a pony shirt. I became curious, watched, and got hooked. The rest they say, happened.
    I'd have to ask if this:
    "What mistakes am I going to make?"
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  16. Why did you become gold?
    What is a "brony?"
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  17. I think I answered that in the OP.
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  18. Why did you have to make me think of another use for my utopia res now that arcanus codice is being moved? :p
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  19. Well you WERE making a cactus farm, do that!
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  20. Do you like pie?
    What flavor?
    How about bacon?
    Why aren't I mentioned as the person you play Portal with?
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