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  1. -no not really, thanks for clicking on this because of the title :)

    I was playing a game of TNT tag earlier, and I found SubZeroExtabyte in the game, which I remembered as a 100k subscriber youtuber.. So I started recording my point of view, which I may or may not upload. Anyway, I found myself in the new video :eek:

    2:30 - Haro appears. This video was recorded from his friend's point of view, so you can't actually see me wreck SubZeroExtabyte in the face :3. Just look in the chat. The clip is cut at the end because I knocked SubZeroExtabyte off a cliff and he blew up, mwahaha :3

    Side note, I came in 2nd place at the end.

    Another side note, I found a wild Electric_Hamster in the lobby after the game was over :eek:
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  2. Well done Haro! Well done.
  3. Thats awesome !
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  4. Well done, have you tried becoming a YouTuber, instead of a Well Known Member?
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  5. I don't get it.... also there's some language in there.
  6. wasn't aware, added a spoiler.
  7. Yes because I can totally YouTube the empire when I get a nasty note every time I attempt to log in. :p
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  8. You have been banned by IceCreamCow for: RMT activity?
  9. hmmmmm... I don't see you and it seems like that guy records his videos at under 720p or way over and forces it to be 720p (letterbox bars) and the quality is not that decent...
  10. You can't see me because it was recorded by his friend, at 2:30 if you watch Sub he falls off the tree and runs too the desert, which is where he got tagged, chased me, and got knocked off a cliff by me and got blown up :p

    Setting the quality to 720p looked fine to me. I can render my side of the video in 1080p and upload if you guys want.
  11. Sure, upload it :) my videos at 720p are sharper than that guy's videos lol
  12. I happen to be in vikkstar123's prison server series in episode two at about the 10:00 minute mark I remember.
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  13. I'll check it out.

    I'm rendering overnight, but tomorrow I'm getting up at 4AM to go on a long drive to see people, so it might not be out for a while. but I'll try to get it done in the morning.
  14. Also, our very own talukegord was recently wrecking face in a video of JeromeASF's

    We got lot's of celebrities here on EMC :D
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  15. lots*
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  16. lol haro....
  17. Oh, and I remember antvenom posting a picture on twitter and recognising an EMC member in it :)
  18. I saw deathconn last night in the same network of servers. Except it was surivial games
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  19. ive never been in a youtubers video that i know of, but ive met skythekidrs, deadlox, captain sparkels, i think pewdiepie but im not positive, and a few others =)