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Do yo like HelloKittyRo's Drawings?

Yes! I thought they where amazing! 6 vote(s) 42.9%
Yep! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Nope. 8 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to give out great news! I finished my images for the Supporter Drawing Thing! I'm so excited! So, in this Thread I wanted to give a preview of my pictures!

    Also, just a note, on Camera my Iron one looks green. Trust me, it's not. It's just the way my camera made it. My camera isn't that good :/.

    I didn't enter these yet because I don't really have much time. I'm entering them tomorrow. I want my parent's to see them first because I think they'll like them :).

    I kinda need to get the link and scan it and I don't know how. :/ So I'm gonna ask my dad for help. That's the reason why I didn't enter them yet.

    Once I get the link, I'll post the image in the first comment. (The first comment is the comment below this thread).

    I hope you like them :).

    Also, these are hand drawn. Just not that. (Hand drawn by me, of course :p).

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  2. Reserved Comment.

    This is where the images will be posted once I get the link.

    Thanks for understanding.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the pictures but it does beg the question: why post a thread with nothing in it when you could have just done this tomorrow?
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  4. I felt like posting it early to get it over with :3
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  5. This has got to be one of the best threads you have ever posted. Correct English, no random colours, huge text size or crazy fonts. Please... stick to posting like this <3 (btw, this isn't sarcasm or anything).
  6. Ok. But.. I can type the why I like. Remember, I'm just a kid. What do you except me to be? An audlt lawl.
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  7. No... She's slipping away again! Hold on guys! Nfell, defibrillator!
  8. Charging...
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  10. Noooo! We've lost her! Why?!
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  11. Oh come on guys stop picking on her =3

    Kitty, they were just joking around... If you ignore people that are annoying you they can't annoy you anymore. I do agree with the ideal though that proper grammar will show that you care. If you use proper grammar people will respect you more. I have been told that people think sometimes that I'm older than I say I am, but I'm only fifteen. Just use proper grammar and act mature and it will definitely help your "public relations" if you will. Trust me, we all understand, we were all your age once. =P

    And I refuse to vote until you post some images :p
  12. Just because you're a kid doesn't make you untouchable by the Grammar Nazis. I'm sure they weren't meaning it in a derogatory manner, rather just excited that you were maturing and using proper English.

    {EDIT} Ninja'd by boozle :p
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  13. Okay, Im not here to be rude. but this is kinda a useless thread….. What if a person who entered this contest like you, and saw this thread. they might think its okay… so they do it.. and then another person and another. it would never end. i would suggest to keep this too your self. thank you.
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  14. I see no harm in the thread. In fact EMC is lacking interesting threads right now, we could use a few more threads like this in my opinion. Auctions sometimes completely take over the recent threads box.
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  15. Im not trying to debate… I'm just making a suggestion. i agree with the auction is taking over… but like i see LOTS of HelloKittyRo Threads a lot. its just a suggestion.
  16. I wasn't trying to debate either =P I was just saying I disagreed with your sugges... Oh. I guess I was trying to debate :p And I don't care how many threads someone makes as long as they are all interesting >.>
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  17. My turn, and it's still weekend so beware :p

    If you don't like a certain thread then you can also simply recognize it as such: something you don't like. And then walk away. Because some other people might actually like it.

    I've heard many people share many opinions about Kitty and so far no one managed to really convince me. Just like nfell I've also seen Kitty make lots of progress. Here's the thing: it's easy to judge someone. It's harder to give them a helping hand. Yet that last part usually works out a lot better. And it's also more fun, just saying.

    I think some people need to loosen up a little. Especially because I've yet to see Kitty do anything disruptive or such in a negative way. And given some of the response she got... yah...

    Benefit of the doubt ladies and gentlemen.

    To me Kitty is a very enthusiastic player who indeed sometimes seems to get carried away a little bit but meh; who hasn't from time to time? I seem to be generally liked and I've also made some pretty bad rants, comments and stories. When looking back of course. Which is always easy.

    So yah.. I'm with Boozle here:

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  18. Lets me honest. Nobody here has never posted an arguably irrelevant or unpurposeful thread. I have quite the share of dumb threads because I got overtired and did not think.

    As for posting the thread without images, I have done things like that before. I am proud I did something or what I plan to do, so I want to tell the world or use it as motivation.

    I do not know how old you are, but when I first joined EMC I had zero idea how to show internet ettiquette. People are giving you too hard of a time. I hope to see your artwork soon :)

    Also, I think we should stop being condescending of HelloKittyRo. Just my opinion.
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  19. Then perhaps this won't amuse you, its funny though. I promise:
    *checks shelusers profile page* 1987 of them even!

    Edit: lulz at poll results XD
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  20. Warning: Cyber bullying toward others is uncalled for and will result in punishment. If you don't like something, then don't post. No one is forcing you to post anything. Nothing is so much better than the hate I see directed at a member of our community in this thread. EMC is a family and we don't treat each other like this. Next time, before you post, think if your words could be hurtful. If you don't know, then they likely will be.

    HelloKittyRo, I think your pictures will be wonderful and they will show awesome effort on your part. Even if they aren't posted yet, Great job! I can't wait to see them.
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