I'm dangerousty & Pleased To Play EMC

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  1. Hi, my name is dangerousty and I came to EMC about 1.5 years ago. I heard about minecraft when I was around 10 in 2010, and what I wanted most of all was minecraft and a computer to play it on. Luckily at Christmas in 2011, I got a laptop from my grandma and a minecraft gift card from my aunt! When I got home I played minecraft a lot, I loved to play survival games and all those other fun minigames. Later in the towards the end of December of 2012, my friend KillerMLizard told me about EMC. I gave it a try. He showed me how to do everything and what I should start making. I started making a castle themed store with some other fun ideas. I made a fun parkour and something some people should know from smp4, gaming party! I was having so much fun. But then when I wanted to get onto EMC in November of 2013, I couldn't because I was really bussy. 30 days passed. When I finally had time to get back on, I realized that my residence had disappeard and that I didn't have perm to go to it. I was sad that I lost many things from my res, but that didn't stop me from continuing to build. In January 2014, my friend from Jr High (Mineking689) and I decided to make a new company called 4 Bros.Inc which included dangerousty (me, owner), Mineking689 (owner) , Killermlizard (friend from boyscouts, co-owner )Flameskull0011 (friend from boy scouts, co-owner). Then came BlackBaron1331 (Mineking689's friend, helper of [known as in the past] 5 Bros.Inc, and owner of company Plot Twist). And the most recent is ClutchLegend (Mineking689 and my friend from school, co-owner). We are currently
    known as 6 Bros.Inc (expecting 1 more this year)!
    Come check out 6 Bros.Inc on SMP 4 at either one of our member's residences, and don't forget to donate. Also, if you post, make sure to include what we should do next for our next member's residence (Taken: Mall, Storage, Spleef Arena, Horse Track, Golf, Killa Gaming [New Gaming Party], Parkour)
  2. Glad to see a proper intro :). Glad you enjoy the empire and I hope your establishment does well :)
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  3. Thanks for the support! :D
  4. Welcome back to the Empire! Be sure not to get herpes somehow.
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  5. I too like to live... dangerously.
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  6. I'm very happy that you got back even when seeing your residence had been reset and that you did not just give up and leave! :)
  7. Hello, dangerousty. :) I'm glad you stayed with us. I would've missed you if you had gone.
  8. I would have missed you too ;)
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  9. I remember you! :D
  10. Hello! I am not even a year old on EMC, so I've never had the chance to meet ya!
    But... See ya in the mines sometime!