im back!

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  1. my mother got a new work laptop and it can run minecraft and she lets me use it when she is done with work.
  2. Hi. Welcome back!
  3. welcome back!
  4. Nice to see you back :)
  5. thank you:D
  6. It's good to see you around again!
  7. No.
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  8. yes
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  9. Maybe.
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  10. Hey, I know you! Welcome back =)
  11. Welcome back to EMC! :D
  12. Welcome back :)
  13. Amazing to see old nice players returning to their true home.
    Welcome back to EMC!
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  14. welcome back :D
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  15. welcome back :)
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  16. You need to get some sleep lol.
  17. Wish I had a new laptop.
    I can't play any games on PC right now because every time I try my computer overheats and crashes after about 10 minutes. I think it's something wrong with the cooling system.
    But, welcome back, nonetheless :p
    Glad you're able to play Minecraft xD
  18. Good guy Aikar; says 'Welcome back' twice so player feels double the need to stay.
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  19. He liked the words so much he wanted to say them twice :p
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