I'm back :)

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  1. I joined EMC 933 days ago today,
    i left EMC for a long time and i'd like to meet up with the old people from back then :)
    and i see EMC has improved a lot with tutorial, wild, custom mobs & more
    sad to see JustinGuy left though :(

  2. :D Welcome Back! :cool:
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  3. He's bringing sexy back (yeah)

    Welcome back though.
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  4. Hey, I remember you!
    Welcome back Brennian. Let me know if you have any questions :)
  5. what's the Contribution Team ?
  6. They're the people who keep the Wiki and Blog updated.
    The Wiki is the new Empire Guide, and it also includes a lot of new stuff.
    The Blog is a handy feed of general Minecraft news to attract new players to EMC :)
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  7. We maintain and update the wiki, as well as write blog posts for the Empire Blog. Here is more information if you would like.
    EDIT: Volt'd :p
  8. okay thanks for letting me know :)
  9. oh my god the memories <3
  10. do you remember me? >.>
  11. Welcome back Brennian =)
  12. yes
    i am really that old
  13. haha i see :)
  14. thank you ^^ you're quite new though :p
  15. Welcome back mate! :)
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  16. Not really, Im actually 635 days old :p
  17. that's new to me ;)
  18. long time no see ;)
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  19. And... Uh... ICC is gone...
  20. i noticed :/