I'm a bit late on the introduction...

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  1. So... I celebrate my 4 year anniversary on EMC in about a month... Figured it was a good time to make an introduction.

    I am BushySpecialK.

    Well.... That sums it up quite nicely.

    Ask Me Anything.
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  2. Welcome to the Empire, I suppose :p You joined a few months before me... I don't think I ever did an introduction thread on this account, but I guess I'm 11,000 posts too late now!

    I do have a question... I know what bushes are, and I know what Special K is, but why BushySpecialK? :D
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  3. Welcome to EMC
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  4. My first name is Kyle. With that, I had always went with the name 'SpecialK'. However... No matter how I tried, Xbox claimed the name was taken. I tried 'SpecialK', 'Special-K', 'Special K', 'sP3c14Lk' ... etc. After many failed attempts, Xbox returned with "That name is taken, would you like to be 'bushysP3c14Lk' instead?' Of course, I was not a fan.... But in my hurry to circumvent the message and return to trying another variant to 'Special K', I must have accepted the name...

    After seeing Xbox wanted $10 to change it, I quickly decided it wasn't so bad after all...
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  5. That is quite interesting actually :p I thought that the Special K was because of this!
  6. Well, hello there Bushy, and "welcome" to EMC I guess :p. I have seen you often on 8 yet Ive never heard ya speak in town chat. Anyway, as for my question, How many Woodchucks chucking wood could a Woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck woodchucks chucking wood?
  7. Why is everyone turning 4 years this month? :p
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  8. Because why not
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  9. Yes, I get a lot of jokes on the cereal. However, I was called Ketamine for a while due to the nickname for the drug being 'SpecialK'

    I am currently in the process of some massive farms to satisfy my iron/gold needs. Eventually, I'll return to the town life.

    As for the riddle.... 42?

    Next month :)

    I blame expert placed advertising 4 years ago.
  10. Welcome. Are you currently a member of our country's outstanding military? And if you can talk about it that would be great. Just wondering, you don't have to say.
  11. I am indeed a part of the armed services. Although, many of the active duty guys might disagree :p. I have been in the National Guard for 4 years. I joined when I was in high school to get College benefits. However, I was too stupid to realize I was smart enough to have a full ride through college already, so I never used the GI bill.

    I enlisted as a 25B - Information technology specialist, which is a fancy name for 'IT guy.' I spent the majority of my time servicing laptops and plugging in loose mice.

    My unit was in line to deploy this last year, but got overlooked because we had so few soldiers. I threw my name in the hat for a few more deployments but never had the opportunity to see country. I hope to have the chance to deploy before my enlistment is up. Although I enjoy the camaraderie, I have no plans to extend my contract as the Guard is not beneficial to my civilian career.
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  12. I thank you for your service.
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  13. Hi Kyle. Nice to meet you. :)
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  14. #respect