[iHaro Rants] Episode #1: The Economic Ideas

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  1. Disclaimer, everything said here are my opinions, and you should most likely not listen to me. I'm just throwing out my own personal thoughts out there, nothing in here will give you any sensible advice and these are, once again, my thoughts and my thoughts only.

    Let's start with the first topic: poor shops. Why in the name of Jesus would you donate to a shop that you'll spend money at anyway? You didn't walk to your local Walmart and throw money at the manager so he'll open up a new section or cut down on prices for your groceries. You fund a shop or business yourself, you don't freaking ask your customers to pay you to open. That doesn't make any sense?! Did you guys hear about the mall that became a success due to the donators before it opened? Me neither. On another note, having your prices cheap DOES NOT gain you customers automatically. If you're cheap and low stocked you may as well be expensive and high stocked. Cheap is not key, and you'll probably end up loosing money anyway. "Getting all your shop items yourself" is another theory that could work if you have no school, no job, and frankly no sleep. You'd be 24/7 hitting the wild farms if you're about to make a cheap mall that is completely stocked by you in every item. If this is you: Stop trying to make a megamall before you know what you're doing and try getting some advice from successful people first because if anything in this paragraph describes you, you're doing it completely wrong.

    Next topic: the resellers. I am mainly talking about the people that open up supply companies offering great deals, such as a DC of glowstone for, say, 40k. Then, right in the same darned thread, they get on their knees and ask for employees that will do all the work and sell the owner of the company that same glowstone for the sweat shop rate of, say, 38k. Now the owner will fill that order and make out with a meager 2k profit that he will ball on the ground crying about screaming for success. If this is you: Get off your butt and do the work yourself. You don't become successful making quick bucks off of other people.

    Next topic: the hotel makers. Like what? What? A hotel? In Minecraft? That you need to pay to use? What? These things exist? WHAT? Yeah, believe or not there's some people.. 5r room service! 10r per [minecraft] night! 20r food stand! That's gotta be some new level of pathetic. If you're just messing with your friends, that's fine. But those that think that's a good business model? Dude. Just. Dude. I've talked to someone who said it might be necessary if you're staying at another SMP for a little bit. Wtf did I just read. You're telling me that paying you many installments of 5r and going to your most likely bloody-eye wooden castle then fumbling around to find a room is cheaper, easier, and more convenient then going to my main SMP and vaulting something over? Don't get me wrong, I'm cool with people that are building sick looking hotels that are doing it for fun and looks. Ignore this entire thing if this is you. But if you're doing this seriously, no words.. If this is you: I don't even know what to say to fix you.

    This has been Episode #1 of iHaro Rants, stay tuned for the next one!
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  2. Hm, I didn't really like that.
    I wonder what you censored...
  3. I don't get it, firstly you're criticizing people who open shops with their own stuff, then you do the same to people who ask for help on gathering the items. Either you hate the fact that economy exists or you just got lost in your thoughts.
    And I disagree with most of what you said. I'm an owner of (what I consider) a fairly successful shop. I don't have and I've never had a supplier, always got all the items I sell myself. Of course, I have :S signs set up, but nearly no one sells items to them. I might be out of stock on a few items (mostly now cause I haven't been playing much), but in general, every chest has a few stacks of items in them.
    I also have a donation board. Nowadays, I don't really need money. But when I started, those small donations certainly helped a LOT, one of the reasons it's still there. You just have to know who to donate to. Just don't donate to a started who has no projects in mind and just wants rupees for the heck of it.
    About the prices: If you understand the concept of supply and demand, you'll know what needs to be cheap and what needs to be expensive. If you have a consistent stock (Not talking about having a full DC ready everytime, just something reasonable) and you know how to price your stuff, that is what will make you successful.
    Finally, I agree with what you said about hotels not being a good way to make big money, but if someone wants to try it, just let them be. It's not pathetic. It's someone's way to have fun.
  4. i totally agree haro and i also got beef with all you people who talk about how other people make rupees when they profit off buying promos for values you know are cheap from noobs!!!

  5. Yeah that's a really rude thing to do, lol. It's exploiting their lack of knowledge, be it legal or not, it's fairly rude
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  6. oooo shots fired
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  7. OMG that's what I've been telling my friends this whole time. Finally someone said it out loud.
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  8. How do you tell it your friends then? In your head? :confused:
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  9. I agree with the first two. Shops asking for donations is just insane and I would never donate to a profit organization. Also, hotels... sorry, but 99% of them are wooden boxes with 2x2 rooms.
  10. I 100% agree about the hotels those are pointless and just seem like a trap to lose rupees and even items if they are put in chests. Also if they are really big and stuff they are probably just there to show off not for real purposes.
  11. Are you on about cheapy hotels or the good hotels? I made a hotel once called the Clocktower hotel. I managed to make 100k on it from selling rooms to people. Before that I had a one floor, all wood planks and poorly designed 'apartment block' which is a lot cheaper and quite popular, especially with the locals of SMP4. Now a day's a hotel is a poor business plan because people can easily move between servers and have no problems. 900 days ago they were a great idea. Now they're just a waste.
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  12. I talk about it to my friends not to the random people of the public