Nameless Luxury Hotel on SMP2

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  1. Attention EMC!

    The joint project between myself and ignoramoose on lot 3764 is complete and we are OPEN!

    The hotel is designed to be affordable luxury living and a lot of work was put into the details. We are allowing for prepay (x number of weeks) but no permanent prices. Come check out our models at 3764 on SMP2.

    AND if you give us a really good idea for a hotel name and we cant imagine calling it anything else, then you will receive one week in the penthouse for FREE! (so be creative) Potential names can be posted on this forum or PM to ignoramoose or krysyyjane9191.

    There are two options for rooms:

    Suites: 150 or 500 rupees per week
    500 rupees per week and we will include 10 food items, 64 coal, and a diamond pick

    Wood Floors
    Deluxe Bed
    Small Fish Tank
    Bathroom with Tub
    Dining Table
    Access to the enchantment table on that floor

    Penthouse: 350 or 1000 rupees per week
    1000 rupees per week and we will include 10 golden apples, 64 coal, a diamond pick , a diamond shovel, a diamond sword, and a diamond axe.

    Carpet/Wood Floors
    Cathedral ceiling (two stories) in living room
    Large Sofa
    Giant TV (playing Donkey Kong)
    Island Kitchen
    Dining Table
    Large Fish Tank
    Enchantment Table Surrounded with Bookcases
    Loft Style Bedroom with Deluxe Bed
    Large Corner Desk
    Master Bathroom with Working Shower

    If you like this Hotel, wait for our other projects to be completed soon including, but not limited to:
    MINEKEA at 3762

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  2. Man I would pay 8k for a permanent room there (Pent house) but for 350 per week Just No
  3. Squizzel boy, i know ignoramoose and I discussed a potential change to allow permanent, but we didnt like the idea because if we get a wild hair after all of our other residences have something on it and we wanted to tear this down and start over, we didnt want people getting mad over us destroying it since they paid "forever"...

    We also wanted to give alot of people the option to rent for a while and if we offered all four penthouses for permanent, i know we have enough people interested that would make them locked up tight and others couldn't even have them for a little bit...

    We might change this policy in the future once it has been open for a while and interest has died down, but as of this moment, no permanent payments allowed. Sorry...
  4. I'd consider permanent rooms, under the condition that you are paying for the room, not the weekly supplies. At week 8, if you payed 8k for a permanent room, i would basically be giving away the 650r of items per week.

    Also, there would be a condition that if we ever go crazy and decide to make another hotel, we can transfer your permanent membership into a room of that new hotel.

    Let me know.
  5. well i guess the almighty ignoramoose has spoken...:rolleyes: