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  1. Just found an old picture of ignoramoose:

    He's got TWO PICKLES, he's got TWO PICKLES, he's got TWO PICKLES...hey hey hey hey
  2. Dem dreadlocks

    Hahaha. Very funny. But on a serious question, was that Lil Wayne as a child?

    EDIT: Sorry for giant images.
  3. WHAT
  4. wat
  5. "Moose got TWO pickles, Moose got TWO pickles, Moose GOT TWO PICKLES - HEY HEY HEY HEY!!!"
  6. no idea whats going on
  7. For those who do not get it...

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  8. Pickles.
    Taste Horrible.
  9. Ahem, it is Lil Wayne not little...
  10. Fixed.