If you woke up one morning........

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  1. Welp. My question wasn't answered. Anyways.

    I would be liek #GreenTeam in chat

    What would you do if this guy was next to your bed and he said he loves you?
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  2. Id smack his face, dats what Id do!

    If you woke up and you where marrying him...
  3. I'd reject him straight away

    What would you do if you realized that all your life you were in a coma and you wake up surrounded by creepy pastas?
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  4. I'd eat em any way :p

    If you woke up and noticed your a women?
  5. [Answer removed by STAFF after receiving report]

    What would you do if you were bigfoot?
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  6. Turn myself in

    If you woke up being a fish? gulp gulp
  7. I would eat humans

    What would you do if I took you in as a bear?
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  8. I'd eat you, because I am a bear.

    What would you do if your cat (if you have one) walked in on you and held a shotgun up to your head?
  9. You could try to eat me, but you'll fail miserably. Anyways. Back on track.

    I would eat the shotgun :D
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