If you could wish for anything?

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  1. One thing I like to ask people is what they would wish for. Just like normal djinn law only 3 wishes and no wishing for more wishes. Also you don't need to make all 3 wishes.
    Here are mine.
    Eternal life, well not suffering pain or growing old.
    The power to cast all types of magic, well knowing how to cast the spells.
    To save one person from death.
  2. 1) The ability to control the 4 elements like Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    2) The ability to turn full-sense-invisible, as per the chameleon's God's Plan in Hunter x Hunter.
    3) The ability to fly using spirit wings that cannot be harmed/touched (aka they aren't physical but can carry my physical body--they're connected to my spirit).
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  3. Oye, don't rip off my wishes xD
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  4. Great minds think a like I can't do anything about that :p
  5. You literally just quoted my own answers without a single edit, RAWR.

    Edit: really though, make up your own three wishes =P copying others' is boring.
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  6. I would wish for more wishes :3
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  8. I was going to add a jk later =P SteamingFire
  9. Tch.

    I want to hear people's actual wishes...

    Edit: well, the ones that can be safely revealed in public EMC forums, anyway =P
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  10. You have violated the sacred wishing rules you are banished! If you feel like being banished.
  11. 1 not being lonely 2 eternal happiness 3 teleportation
  12. 1.Meeting all my Inspirational ukulele players as Jake shimabukuro and Jody Kamisato etc.
    2. No allergies....
    3. Become a known player at EMC that people look up to. (Didn't come up with anything else xD)
  13. 1) No student loans
    2) No student loans
    3) No student loans
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  14. That's a good one
  15. Infinite money.
    World peace.