If you could meet...

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  1. If you could meet any famous person since the beginning of time, who would you meet?
  2. does this "person" have to be famous o.o if so, I'd meet Jennifer Lawrence :3
  3. Gaius Julius Caesar (but he would need to learn english :3)
  4. The problem with that question is that, if I think about it quickly. The shallow part of me would go:

    "Oh obviously Vanessa Hudgens" (#<3(DON'T JUDGE ME))

    Anyway, if I really thought about it, I'd meet Keanu Reeves, the actor from the Matrix, for many good reasons, he has all my respect. :)
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  5. I've got this fairly long list...

    So, I'll mention one person :p

    Richard Branson
  6. Well... Me of course. Who knows I could be famous in the future.
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  7. I'd travel back in time before I become famous, and tell myself I'll be famous, right before I become famous, so I'll be famous within time :cool:
  8. 4 of the actors in The Avengers. Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Robert Downey Jr. DON'T JUDGE ME.
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  9. I'd meet John Wilkes Booth so I could ask him why he killed President Lincoln
  10. Aww we're limited to famous people? Hmm. That's a hard decision because I don't know who exactly I'd want to meet. I'll have to think on this.
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  11. famous or infamous
  12. Peeeewdiepie

    I can't decide between all of the amazing artists in the DeviantArt community
    Id ask them how they started out and how they get inspiration for what they do
  13. Lol, see that's the problem, I can't think of anyone famous or infamous I would want to go back in time to meet. Most of the famous people I'd want to meet would be David Tennant, Matt Smith, Catherine Tate, Leonard Nimoy, etc. Most are still alive and would just require lots of money or teleportation :p.

    If I was able to go back in time to meet someone, I'd want to go back and meet my father-in-law. He's not world famous but he's pretty famous around the area we live. He died back in 2001. From stories I've heard good and bad things but I'd still like to meet him because he sounds like a pretty cool guy and my husband thought the world of him and misses him a lot.
  14. Rule Change!
    The person you would meet can be famous, infamous, or just unknown.

    Can also be fictional characters
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  15. Honestly, at the moment, i'd like to meet the more well-known EMC members, and of course the mods/admins.
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  16. First, Jennifer is the flibbin bomb. Second, your signature is the scariest thing i have ever seen. A second for me would be Gandhi.
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  17. Grant Morrison. I would love to talk to the guy for a few hours.
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  18. James Wilson (aka Uberhaxornova) That guy 'cracks me up' :p DON'T JUDGE ME xD