If you could have any 6 super powers/abilities, what would they be?

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  1. I'm going to rank them against mine/determine who comes up with the best combo. There are two rules,
    1]you can't overpower yourself with like:
    3)superhuman strength
    5) immortality
    6)freeze time

    or with the very straight forward power, "Being God".

    2] you cant repeat a list of super powers someone else posted.
    Here is a suggested list of some powers:

    My choise of 6 is:
    1) instant learning
    2) telekinesis
    3) Power Nullifier (completely shuts off or significantly weakens all other super powers of others near).
    4) teleportation
    5) The ability to determine the strength/what power(s) some one else has
    6) time travel- note: I highly recomend reading this before saying you want this power:

    You guys can enter in more than once. Here is my second list:
    1) Alchemy without transmutation circles
    2) Ability to change my own density by manifesting objects next to me or absorbing objects next to me (like a whole car). this will make me very heavy/immune to damage or very light/highly prone to damage. This also includes having enough strength to move my density and makes me prone to having the fists of people who punch me full strength to break on impact. This will also make me very prone to sinking into whatever I'm standing on (its s double whammy)
    3) Phase through objects like a ghost.
    4) Mind Reading
    5) Manipulating shadows into scary things
    6) Bone regeneration/manipulation (see this for an explanation:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJCZ9uyOZRA
  2. I'd be God..
  3. fantastic, got a real list of 6 in mind?
  4. 1. Being God
    2. Being a Good God
    3. Being a Evil God.
    4. Being some sort of God
    5. Being another God.
    6. Being the God of the Gods.. God..
  5. Still doesn't count. Close but no cigar.
  7. xD that made my day
    1. Pyrokinetic
    2. Telekinesis
    3. Regeneration
    4. Mind Control
    5. Being Slenderman.
    6. Control over sound.
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  8. 1. I would be a mashed potatoe
    2. 1.
    2. 2.
    3. 4.
    4. walnuts
    5. 3.
    6. 7.
  9. 1 supersenses
    2 elemental control
    3 telekinesis
    4 absorbing someone elses power
    5 illusions
    6 shapeshifting
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  10. Create bacon
    Be made of bacon
    Turn other people into bacon
    Fly on magic bacon
    Saving the world with bacon
    Imitating the powers of others.
    Healthy people
    Being Eaten
  11. Telekenis (So I could fly and move objects)
    Fire resistant (Can summon fire for short periods of time)
    IQ Points bump by 400. (Whenever I want)
    Ability to sleep on command (I'll say I have a disorder in RL lol)
    Make any flesh wound disappear with water/spit/fire/on command. (Healing)

    Possibly the best of all time.
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  12. the second half of that is mental telepathy (two completely different things bro).
    *its okay; i had my super powers mixed up at one time too.
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  13. Ability to read other people's mind
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  14. 1. Super Speed
    2. Bone Manipulation ( Ability to generate, projecting bones from skin or rearranging ones bones)
    3, Duplication ( Create duplicates of oneself)
    4. Gravity manipulation
    5. Mind Control ( Control one's mind )
    6. Time Control ( Ability to stop, fast forward, reverse and slow time)
  15. 1.know everything
    5. freeze time for 1 hour or less
    6. can create unlimited coffee
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  16. This ones a getting too close to omnicince. I'm afraid I can't count unless you can give me some weaknesses.
  17. changed it
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  18. Just being me is having super powers :p