If you are Krysyy, this is just a blank thread

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  1. So here's the plan:

    Krysyy is having her wedding on Friday so whenever she comes on after that, we through her (and Moose) a huge celebration party. Maybe we write stories, or make artwork for her and Moose. We could also try to get as many people as possible on to smp2 to welcome her and congratulate her (Although we might break the server :p).

    If you are Krysyy:

    Hello this is a blank thread. Please look at something else because this is boring.
  2. Way to go! Surely she won't click on this thread, now!
    I'm artistically challenged, so this isn't for me, lol.
  3. +1, how can i help
  4. What's Moose's skin? I want to make a cute picture of them
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  5. Sounds like a good idea
  6. The thread name is kind of a joke.
  7. Maybe someone could make a pixel art dragon and moose getting married? I am going to write a book.
  8. We should throw the wedding party in that one mock-up of dragon tombs they made 3 1/2 years ago.
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  9. Good idea. I posted something on her profile a while back about a wedding place and she said mad dr fate was rigging something up.
  10. This is great let me know if u need anything :)
  11. I thought "the 1st of April, that's not a Friday, the week doesn't go that quickly/slowly... *checks calender on phone* oh wait, crap, it is friday the 1st of April... :oops:

    Cool idea either way :D
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  12. I wonder if its a prank?:eek:
  13. That moment when Krysyy's wedding is two days before your birthday.
  14. Nuuuuu. April fools.... I thought Krysyy said they were getting married in the summer.... =O Noooo
  15. Let's all grief the wild! Y'know, as a joke. Heh.
  16. Its just a brank, pro
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  17. Lets get Kryssy some gifts (like a bridal shower!)
  18. I betcha she doesn't want this as a gift
  19. Who knows where can i get pictures of krysyy and Moose? (not necessarily together or minecraft(in real life too please )
  20. I was thinking like cards and flowers and like moderators singing "Here Comes the Bride"