If you are killed by another player and report, do you get the items you lost back?

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  1. I already reported them - they tried to get me to give them rupees then when I didn't respond they dug me into lava and killed me - I already used /report and mentioned I had a ss if it's needed, but in the meantime I lost what I was carrying - I don't care about the stuff I've gathered/mined, I can get that again, but all my noob armor, sword and mining pick, are now gone, and am just curious as to whether I can get those back or if I'm out of luck. Thanks.
  2. Only a mod would be able to tell you this :/
  3. Most likely no. I can help you out if you need anything though.
  4. noob armor and stuff? What exactly did you loose? Stew can help give it back to you :)
  5. if you need diamond gear, let me know I'll help you out :)
  6. Thanks Olaf but I don't need anything - I can make myself some armor, I just wanted to know if I could get back what I lost since it was good stuff, or if I should go ahead and make replacement stuff. Thanks guys!
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  7. Holy crap guys thanks for the multiple offers :) I really am good, but I appreciate the friendliness!
  8. If you insist on crafting your own armor, I'd be fine if you want to give it to me and I can go to endertopia real quick and throw some mid level enchantments on it :)

    I believe I have a decent sword with some mid-enchants laying around that I never use anyway, let me know.
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  9. I have full iron armour which i'd willingly give to you for free, 8556 SMP4 if you want to claim :)
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  10. I paid you 5000 rupees, that should get you back on track. :)
  11. Wow free loot? Umm, somebody also killed me, I lost all my promos, my god armor, and 1,000,000 rupees.
  12. You'd need to be able to prove that you had the items you lost. So, a recording or screenshot of your items while you're getting attacked might help you get your items back.
    If you think you're going to get killed, switch to 3rd person view and mash F2 to take some screens of your attacker and your hotbar / inventory.
    Chat logs combined with images of a person standing over you with a lava bucket while you're burning to death are usually pretty telling.

    Sorry that you were killed :(
    Although I've noticed that I've seen less trolls, scammers and griefers on EMC than I had a year or two ago. Good sign? : )
  13. That depends if you can talk the player into giving it back before they are banned. :)
  14. its entirely circumstantial if you get your stuff back. but for the most part no hard to tell what youve lost
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  15. >_> lies
  16. Yes, I also was killed... um i lost like 9999 stacks of diamond blocks, so um pay me rupees?
  17. <_< lies again

    Everywhere i look is lies >_> <_<
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  18. What if you are lying?!
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  19. Guys, all he's doing is asking whether it's possible. I don't see big blaring messages saying "IF YOU GET KILLED, STAFF WILL NOT REFUND YOUR ITEMS", mainly because you shouldn't be killed by someone. But this is an honest question and the answer isn't obvious.
  20. Agreed and tbh the people are being really kind to this new player as I would expect the EMC community to be towards others and the OP is asking a simple question no need to make an unfunny sarcastic remark.
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