If i were to do this.... Who would watch?

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If i were to do this, who would watch/listen AND donate to charity

I would do both 6 vote(s) 18.2%
I would do neither 3 vote(s) 9.1%
I would only listen, not donate 15 vote(s) 45.5%
It depends on how good you sounds, jtc 9 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. Before i start off, I'm going to say this: I have a HUGE fear of singing infront of people (Or recording it and posting it on the internet, which is why i am scared of my 1k speical)

    Anyway, I have been having a feeling, which i beleive has been given to me by God, to start a seperate channel, and sing for charity.

    Of course, i'd have to do more research, but if i were to do this, who would watch/listen, and donate to charity?
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  2. I feel if I voted I'd get judged too easily.
  3. You will not be judged (By me, anyways. I cannot control what other people do, though)
  4. Great intentions, and we here on EMC know you are a good person, but unfortunately, the rest of the internet does not. Since YT has quite the harsh community, you would be labeled as a scam. :/
  5. We have a small active community, and most people can go through religion fine on here. Youtube.. Not really.
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  6. I have thought about that.
    Take Pewdiepie and Markiplier, for example.

    Everyone thinks Pewdiepie only cares about money, and not for his subs or for charity.
    Most people thinks that Markiplier REALLY cares about charity, and loves his subs.

    So, i see it as a 50-50 shot if i would either be labled real or scam
  7. Honestly, that is probably true. I cannot go watching one of Mitch's videos without reading comments that are cursing six out of every ten words. :/
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  8. I'd watch.
  9. Well...
    As already said, YT has quite a bit of a harsh community, however Twitch does not. Why not do some collabs with heyaroo on streams and if you reach a certain amount of money, sing? I'm sure heyaroo would be happy to do that >.<
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  10. Yes good idea twitch is not harsh i agree.
  11. I do not have the money to pay for the things required to stream on twitch.
  12. I'll watch if you post it here, my mom doesn't let me youtube -_-
  13. Bump, poke, punch, slap, whatever :p
  14. Don't poke. It's rude :p
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  15. So slapping or punching isn't rude? Oh yippie.
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  16. Personally I've never watched pewdiepie, never heard of markiplier, and only watched like two of heyaroo's vids...

    So your best bet on getting noticed would first be to advertise around - this thread, facebook, youtube, school, twitter, etc...

    As for the vid itself - One person just speaking by him or herself is semi-boring - unless* it's a music video or if he/she is sitting at their computer doing things with other people in the background talking to the other people and there be a voice-over ...

    So you need to come up with what you're going to do while you talk/sing etc... to entertain us to watch the video (unless it will be on mumble only or something)

    This is my person opinions on what I think would help.
  17. Not at all.
  18. I think you could just shut off the comments, and just do it. Post it here and maybe some more people will donate. All you would have to do in your Desc. Is to say what you do, for who (May I suggest American Cancer Society? I raised about $300 for them out of nothing, I think Cancer just should be destroyed.) And your E-mail, and PayPal account. Good deal.
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  19. I voted for only listening, but I think that when my parents allow it and I think you chose a good charity thingy, I'll actually donate. When you really get problems with the people on youtube you could make it so that only we on EMC can see the vid.
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