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  1. To preface this, I've been playing on this server for about a year now. While EMC is probably the best Minecraft server out there, it is becoming stale in the eyes of people who have been playing for as long as me. I have come up with a few ideas that could potentially spice up the server...

    1. A Hierarchy System- Players could vote for mayors/kings on individual servers.
    2. A Court Of Law- Players could vote others into court to be judged for misbehavior/swearing and do time in a virtual jail cell.
    3. Lottery- Once a day players could pay to enter the EMC lottery to win "x" amount of money.
    4. Gladiator Arena- An arena where players could participate in or place bets on, PvP battles, PvNPC battles, or even NPCvNPC battles.
    5. Races/Olympic Games- Players could compete in races and parkour events and wagers could be placed on participants.

    A response from an admin/mod would be greatly appreciated :)
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  2. I just want to note, that i'm pretty sure players can organize number 5 already. :p
  3. Don't forget that we have Mob Arenas every Wednesday and Wastelands, Normal Mode Update (with a surprise feature or two), Dragon Tombs, Wild Land Claiming, [EMC-105], a new tutorial, Shop Update, PVP server, dueling without death in town coming soon, plus a lot more secret features that are waiting to be revealed. :)
    This has been suggested a few times and denied because, effectively, all players should be equal.
    Also suggested a few times - this won't even be a thing sorry, that's what staff are for.
    Interesting, perhaps if it only entered you in if you voted each day, that could be cool although it could bring a load more unwanted rupees into an already inflated economy...
    We're a no-PvP server, hence we have mob arena for this. The closest we're going to get to PVP is, like I said, dueling-without-death in town streets and a separate EMC PVP games server.
    This would be way too hard to organise, and probably impossible/take too long to code when Aikar is already short on time. Just look at Mob Arena's, Max has trouble making time for them sometimes and you'd think that they would be quite simple to run, nope. And as you just mentioned, players can organise this themselves - although they fail most of the time because of the lack of interest.

    Also, check this thread out: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/solved-issue-players-leaving-not-enough-new-features.10802/

    I think I speak for everyone when I say that we appreciate you trying to help though, there's a lot of people that just complain and don't do anything. :)
  4. 3-5: Awesome:D 1-2:Terror:eek:
  5. Indeed. This has been done a few times. I think it best that this be organized by players themselves who are interested in this sort of thing.
  6. 1. A system where senior staff and admins can grant ceremonial titles to players would certainly be fun.
    2. I believe the mods are impartial enough to handle the workload reasonably well :)
    3. That's being driven by the private sector.
    4. We already have a mob arena.
    5. Already done by the private sector.
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