Ideas for the PVP server.

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  1. As we all know, a PVP server is in the works, so I came up with some ideas. (If the sever is cancelled or its not really being made, these are just ideas for one.)

    1. Add factions and allow raiding: As we all know, a lot of the big PVP servers have this. This is to make it so the server has more then just killing other players in it, and also would add a element of defence and offence, as a faction would not be successful at raiding if they just ran in with no plan, same with defence.

    2. No locked chests: This goes with the raiding. If locking chests was put in, raiding would have no point.

    3. Still don't allow greifing: The fact that EMC disallows greifing is what makes it great, so don't remove it. People might complain, but when they raid a rival clan and take its loot, that would make up for it.

    4. Clan wars: Clan wars would be in a arena, where two clans could battle without being interrupted by a few lone-wolfs. Each clan would have a base, and each member would get Iron armour and a Iron sword. The last clan standing would win.

    5. A no camping rule: This rule would apply around any EMC set safe area, such as the main spawn. It would allow newbies to go out and get started without getting mugged by thugs in Diamond armour. People who do not follow this rule would get a day ban for the first few offences, but could get perm banned off the PVP server if they keep doing it.

    6. NO SHOP: Clean and simple, but when you first log onto the PVP server, you would get stone tools and leather armour, so you have a fighting chance to get out into a good spot.

    These are my ideas! Tell me what you think! :)
  2. I think this is a good collection of suggestions... but some people are going to take it the wrong way. *sigh*
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  3. Anyone else like these ideas.
  4. My suggestion for a PVP addition for EMC would be a Hunger/Survival Games type server similar to that of I just love that idea :) It incorporates the no griefing and no camping rules, as well as there are no lockable chests.
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  5. True EMC Shouldnt be like every other PVP server
  6. A tekkit server would be awesome to!
  7. A tekkit server would be awesome to!
    I like most of your ideas.
  8. Thanks, but please edit.
  9. Sorry it was a glitch
  10. What about a separate server from the smp's and this server is themed like DayZ
  11. Its already been stated that the PVP server would be its own server.
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  12. But what do you think about the DayZ bit?
  13. If anything, its just going to be a PVP server, so nothing fancy.
  14. I think there should be a PVP server on EMC, it would attract new people, and if it's on a different server then it's not going to cause any harm is it? It will be a benefit to many users as they can kill the noobs who annoy them, and they can actually make their own base which has an importance to it, (surviving). There isn't enough danger in EMC, why not spice it up a bit, it's only a game? Also, the name EMCPVP sounds sexy, if it were to be used.
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  15. Could we make it you can vault over stuff? That would be pretty cool too and allow enchanted items to be EVEN more useful!
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  16. Akiar (I think that's how you spell it) said if this was going to happen their would not be any connections with the other servers.
  17. Yeah that seems alright! Btw is Aikar.
  18. Watch your back when playing pvp.
    A cougar will jump out and pounce on you.
  19. Thanks for the suggestions but none of them really apply to how our PVP Server is going to be.

    But a summary, there will be factions, but they get reset every "Game" (which will be between 15 min to 2 hours long, depending on which level of gameplay you go in)

    there will be no wilderness. You will not be building bases. Shopping will play a huge role...camping will get you killed, stealing loot will not be the objective.

    Just hang tight, we pretty much got the PVP server ideas REALLY solid without much tweaks needed, and i'm sure you all will enjoy it :)

    When we get to the point of posting the full details on how it will work, then suggestions can come into play.
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  20. Aikar whats happening with the site?