Ideas for EMC: Special Holiday events (ie like the turkey one we just had)

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  1. Hey everyone.

    So as I was doing the survey a minute ago I thought about it and realized I actually liked the turkey event we just had. It wasn't that great at times when they turkey would be hiding down in caves and hard to find but still fun to go out and do something in the waste/wild for a change.

    So I thought why not other holiday stuff?

    One that came to mind is St. Patrick's Day. How about have baby zombies be the Leprechaun and have to chase after them and if your able to kill them they drop a pot of gold or something like that. Since they are quite fast if Aikar and them can program it make it so they try to avoid you, the opposite of what they try to do, then it could be a bit difficult. So you have to chase after it and it has lots of health like the turkeys.

    Or for Christmas coming up have a snowman spawn with lots of health that throws lots of snowballs at you (that don't hurt just have a lot of knock back) and if you can kill them they drop a present (basically those chests you can right click to redeem stuff, and have random goodies in them). Though this could be like blizz ard so maybe it's already been done.

    For Easter we have rabbits now finally. How about rabbits that have lots of health and can jump very high, also very fast with lots of health. If you kill them you get Easter eggs which give you.. idk maybe candy?

    For 4th of July maybe have a random mob spawn every now and then that when he walks a bit he spawns fireworks that go off every idk 15-20 seconds. If you manage to kill them they rarely drop a special firework?

    Another one I thought of but idk if anyone would like it is for Mothers day and also Fathers day have very fast villagers spawn randomly in the waste/wild and if your able to right click on them and trade with them they give you something good in return. Like for mothers day if you trade flowers or maybe idk pies? and for fathers day maybe watches or compass's they trade you something good. But it will be random at times. Sometimes really good items, sometimes not so great.

    This all basically requires Aikar and the programmers to re-program a few mobs just like with the turkey but once they have those done (and any fine tuning) they can re-use them every year.

    And those are just some of the holidays I could think of, there could be others and also my ideas are open to suggestions. Just spit balling.

    And I know a lot of these ideas kinda center around killing the mob that's just cause that makes it a bit more difficult. And some of these mobs shouldn't really be able to hurt you or at least not much cause otherwise it's not very nice of a holiday if you can die to these things. Maybe get a bit hurt but not enough to kill you.
  2. I actually really like the ideas of holiday events rather than promos, it makes the people who want to go out and work be able to get more promos then people who just have a lot of rupees
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  3. Your Christmas idea sounds like the Blizzard.

    Also, hopefully Aikar adds some challenge in some of these. I don't want to be fighting a Snow Golem, Leprechaun, Rabbit, and Turkey, for 5 hours every single holiday.
  4. Yeah I mentioned that right after the Christmas one.

    And well idk how else to add challenge to them other then making them faster. If you make them so they can hurt you then people wont want to go out and do them for fun cause of the possibility of dying and losing all their items.
  5. People go out constantly to kill Enraged Mobs and Mini-Bosses.
  6. I enjoy promos as well, but I don't like losing lots of rupees to get any extra ones. Going out and hunting and fighting for them is more fun and anyone can go for them. Though the chance to get the rare items will be little.