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  1. I have this idea for a forum game, its an idea, basically i pick ten famous art pieces, you sign up and i choose a random number which is assigned to the certain famous art piece, and you gotta recreate that famous art piece, well have a poll up in the thread, one all ten people submit there recreation of the randomly chosen art piece. well vote for the best one, who the wins the best on in round one win a gold supporter voucher, as i said this is just an idea, comment on this thread if you want to make this real. ! i will be making an example pretty soon maybe today or this week, thank you!
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  2. That sounds awesome! I would totally be interested if we have enough artists here. It would be cool to see everyone's different styles and creative ideas :cool:
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  3. Sounds like fun! :D
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  4. I would participate :)
    Sounds awesome!
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  5. Ok this is what i was going for, of course i don't have a beard or that stuff but this is the closet i got

    what i was going for ^

    ok be prepared its ugly, this is just an example. i will be posting the official thread properly later today!
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  6. Haha, that's good. :D

    While both options sound like a good idea, I think you should make clear whether you want people to reenact art in a photograph, or whether you want them to draw it themselves somehow. This latter option should be left very broadly, so people can do digital art, traditional art or something else, but I think it should be separate from the first, as they are very different challenges, in my opinion. :)
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  7. This is a great idea!!!

    Although yes, some clarification would be good on that. I think we should just do a version of art, and leave out the photographs. I think it'd be funner that way.
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  8. I agree. I think for photographs it's more fun to reenact a photograph made of yourself when you were young(er). :) But that's another thread idea. ;)
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  9. i want people to renact the painting! but if say person does not feel conthortable recreating a picture, they can draw it in a creative way!
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