[IDEA] The 4 Elements Towers

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  1. So, uh. I literally just thought of something... I haven't seen in a long time, but is really something fun and exotic to do. I will be building Four Towers, maybe even more (in the future) on some of my reses.
    This Project would be terraforming land residences into the element the tower represents.
    The fist four elements will be Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. Any other towers would be based of emotions or a different element like say Arcane. This would be an immense project for me to do, but I want myself to do it by myself. I haven't been active as much on the servers lately and well, this would solve the problem. First off is designs for the residences, which I will be creating shortly.
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  2. Your making me want to watch "Avatar: The last Airbender" episodes...
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  3. I remember someone making something like this a while ago.
  4. You can do so much with the "elements", especially when there are different versions/varieties of them.

    Good Luck - would love to see it when it's done (or work in progress :D )

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  5. I do too, I just am making it how I think of elements.

    Anyways, thanks guys for the support on this. :D
    I've been sketching out some ideas and I think I know what I want to do for all but the Air Tower.
    The water tower will be based off of the tower of goddesses in the wind waker (Zelda game :p)
    The earth will be a giant obelisk, surrounded with a ruined mass of sort and mesa canyons.
    Fire is tricky; It will be something like out of Lord of the Rings and out of other video games.
    Air tower will likely be an upside down palace similar to the on in Avatar:
    I was a fan of the series lol :p
    However the air will maybe be on a cloud above... well that's the thing, I don't know. Maybe a mirror image of the palace right side up?
  6. Have you considered making the element more intense as the towers went up/down?
  7. Actually there are more then 4, and none of those are real elements :p (sarcasm)
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  8. Oh I see gold on that list; Want me to make a tower for sky :D /sarcasm
    For some, like earth and fire as those two seem more jagged to me. Air seems simple and elegant while water is complex and... I guess beautiful?
    This project I guess can be described as poetic then lol.
  9. tap deep into that mystical power mr strike and the meaning of the world will be revealed through the poetry of the elements!
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  10. Lol. :p
  11. I thought of something similar in the past but 1. only have one res. and 2. the way res's are now they are to small to make a decent looking one unless you cramp everything together.
  12. Cool idea, and will let you use ALL sorts of blocks and colors available.

    RE: Air tower: Anything related to effects of Air, or lack of Air. So stuff that floats or flys. EG. a Floating Island tower, or giant Air balloon/ship. Maybe a Tower with a dragon coiled around it. Or blocks that defy gravity. Rings of glass/carpet platforms (like a giant parquor) with empty space (Air) above, below, and around them. Flying birds, etc.

    I plan on building a 3 Dimentional environmental Build much later in my EMC career. So I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :)
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  13. I view res's as too important an economic resource to waste on 'pretty' things. And the wild offers more space. And you can build a portal to another world offering a whole nother environment to build in.

    If only we could bring more people to the wild to enjoy builds without destroying them. :)
  14. Haha build in the wild.. funny joke. -_-
  15. Well, seeing as I have plenty of empty reses, I will just be using one res per tower; maybe in the future use utopia.
    Thanks for the ideas :D
  16. For fire you could do like a Mustafar kinda thing from ep3 of Star Wars
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  17. As a huge fan of avatar, I would totally help out! Of course, will it have any references to avatar?
  18. Yes. Like the Air tower will be ;3
    I think I will start clearing out my reses for the towers tomorrow, and Earth will likely be the first.
  19. Please, no dirt towers