[Idea/Suggestion] Tagging Forum Posts

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  1. I haven't seen anything about this yet.

    Tags on the forums would allow users to find posts about certain topics.
    And maybe there could be a feature where certain hashtags send your post to a certain subforum.

    This would help users put their post in the correct subform.

    For example, if a user was trying to post about one of their EMC Creations but posted it under the Introduce Yourself subforum and put the tag 'MyCreation' onto the post, it would redirect the post into the EMC Creations subforum.

    This is just an idea, but I believe it would be very useful.

    Thanks for your time.

    Edit: I never said hashtags. Hashtags are stupid..
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  2. So like for this idea:
    #Idea #Suggestion #Hashtag

    I think it is a Meh idea to be honest.
  3. Kinda like that, yea.

    Now that I am thinking about it, I do agree, it is kind of a "meh" idea.
  4. No. I view us as a civilized community. Moving towards typical social networking just encourages self promoting and centering.
  5. Hashtags make me wanna /life in the first place. They just drive me crazy and IMO pointless. No support, sorry.
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  6. I can see people posting hashtags unrelated to the post.
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  7. Yeah I agree with everyone else. It seems not very useful and is kinda going towards the "annoying teen girl style". And what I mean by that is like a million hashtags that are pointless and then just posting random stuff.
  8. #totesouttacontrolyoloswagg!!!1111one
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  9. This isn't about hastags, they are about tagging people. -_-

    Anyway, I believe once Aikar updates the site on Xenfore they have a feature for this.
  10. Xenfro 1.2 does include this. :) Having used it on another forum it's really useful :cool:
  11. #causewhynot?
    ;3 I love hashtags, and use twitter constantly.
    So... I'd actually much prefer if EMC incorporated a twitter feed system to my tweets. So whenever I post something, it sends a message for me on twitter :p
  12. This thread isn't hashtags... its tagging people... You do know that twitter isn't the ONLY website that you can tag other users right? :p
  13. oh.. ;3 So like google plus.
    Yea no thanks...
    Seen enough of that on youtube.
  14. Google plus sucks... I was talking about tagging on Instagram or tumblr and stuff.
  15. Oh. Ooooh.
    xD Gosh I'm out of it today.