[Idea/Poll] New Ranks

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Which "rank" should be added? Please read !

Lapiz 9 vote(s) 20.5%
Senior 15 vote(s) 34.1%
Both 5 vote(s) 11.4%
Neither 15 vote(s) 34.1%
  1. I think there should be ranks other than iron, gold & diamond. Here are few ideas to start you off:
    A [senior] rank for members that been on emc for over 200 days,
    A [lapiz] rank for awesome people!
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  2. Senior should be practically 1000+ posts. Cause you could be a member for 200 days and not contribute at all.
  3. What would the ranks give you?
  4. I think there should be senior, for those who have been actually online playing emc for like 200hrs :) and you should get like the same ranks as a gold supporter
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  5. Really, if you dont pay for it, there is no point in giving it out because EMC needs donations and cant give out free ranks to a ton of people.
  6. 200 hrs isnt contributing. Anyone can be afk at a grinder for longer than that in 3 weeks or less.
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  7. well we all have to agree that EVERYTHING has its pro's and con's . but i like the rank idea.. but the post idea for getting it wouldn't work.. you would want Ur name color in game to change.. ( a lot of people that play on EMC servers NEVER go to the website.) and trust me there are hundred's of people who post stuff constantly ( ME :p )
    who hardly ever get likes ..
  8. They should be bought and have vaule like iron, gold, and diamond or they should be given out for free but with no really benifets just to look cool. Maybe like "well-known member".
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  9. well lets say 1 of those ranks gives someone like me the ability to have 2 res's... A LOT of people would want to work towards that.. as it would be an honored rank of sorts. i mean when i see someone with a supporter status i don't think them higher than me, the only difference is, they can support..
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  10. i win
  11. Thats an interesting suggestion i kinda like. A sort of one-off reward for being part of EMC and making it as great it is.

    A few stipulations like they have to be active members of course, and not just players who played for a week, left for 6 months then returned for a week or two to claim a second res. :)
  12. Maybe something like a EMC-contributor rank, which would only be available to get by earning it through the Staff. They decide who earns the rank, and it could have (not necessarily) an iron or gold supporter status. If someone earns this rank, this would be considerd as one of the highest ranks possible to get in EMC, since you would be rewarded by the staff themselves.
  13. I do like the idea of a Senior rank but then Shaun wouldn't be original ;).. I don't think they should have a second res but maybe a command that is original to that rank.. Like maybe a EMC veterans hangout warp idk... I would say they have to be well-known on the forum as well as been on the server 150+ probably 200 days..
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  14. I think we should have 1 more rank these are the ranks with MY idea ps i put gold 100r more cause 2x the cost of iron.
    Put diamond more rupees it is 20 dollars per month and they should get 2x as much as gold.
    1.Iron cost 5 dollars a month get 400r per day and 1 res
    2.Gold cost 10 dollars a month get 800r per day and 2 res
    3.Diamond cost 20 dollars a month get 1600r per day and 4 res
    4. Emerald Or Lapis (Justin OR ICC choice) cost 40 dollars per month get 3200r and 8 residents :p
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  15. you spoke for me.... HOW???
  16. there a dis like button???? :p
  17. Yeah, there should be something like a rank if you got all trophy points, like me xD, and that eouldngive something to you, like a 10k rupees award, not more dayly, but an award.

    And there should be more trophies
  18. but then why work for it if you only get that award once... something so big as the rank would be should be rewarded with more
  19. But if they give you like a extra 300r dayly than you are almost iron supporter, so yeah....
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  20. then 200-250?
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