[Idea] New auction system - Thanks mrlegitislegit

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Is this system great enough?

Yes 5 vote(s) 23.8%
It needs improvments 14 vote(s) 66.7%
No 2 vote(s) 9.5%
  1. Hi guys, i've got a great idea (thanks mrlegitislegit)
    to run the auction system with no troubles.
    The concept follows:

    An explained video:

    The video it's still being processed by youtube, but yeah...

    • If Justin (the auctioner) wants to delete the auction before it's paid by JEREMY (the buyer) he can do /auction *code here* 4675DPXUNB3EFF3 close - He would have to pay a fee so that this kind of thing doesnt happen much (people has to be careful whem auctioning something)
    • The auction 'threads' can be hosted on a different forum category and they don't get space on 'recently active threads' so that only appears for people that are looking for auctions, OR we could do them with a different faster system outside of the EMC forums (just like emcshops.org just that modified and created only for auctions)
    • If Justin has more than 1 item to be auctioned, he can do /auction 1 or /auction 2 etc... *Supporters could have more than 2 auctions at a time or any organization justin considers*
    • If Jeremy doesn't pay for the item, Justin can send the code (with a time limit defined by him) to any other player and he can buy the item.
    • A great idea for the server it's that it saves only the code and not the chest/vault or item itself, so it deletes the chest as soon as Justin closes it (with the item inside) and keeps only the code (which will have the information of the auctioned) after, when Jeremy buys the item the server recreates the item with the information provided by the code and sends the money to Justin
    To avoid more than 1 item into the auction, justin can set the 'chest' to recieve only 1 item, or activate only 1 slot.
    Please tell me what you think, and any fails you see so that we detect them before actually making it true.
    Thanks again to mrlegitislegit for the ideas!
  2. MASSIVE code lol.make that smaller if i were u.
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  3. confusing :S
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  4. I don't know if this is the answer, but I wish something could be done to get auctions back again :(
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  5. Yeah it's confusing but I made my best :p
  6. Also, if you have other ideas you can post them here :)
  7. Actually, the idea it's to base the code as a merge of both shop & vault code.
    SO that when the players buys the indicated 'vault' the item it's in there for him, just a bit more complex to move money safely and run hundreds of sellings per day.
  8. We should have auction licenses, like in year 2 and we had pen licenses.
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  9. Pen licenses?
  10. I vote for C.O.D (cash on delivery). The ability to send someone mail some how, with COD terms and items attached (like world of warcraft) would be awesome..

    So auction could happen in game, out of game, and you could mail the winner the pickaxe and to take it they need to pay.

    Prob not possible though..
  11. I think the main problem was that sellers were backing out, not that buyers weren't buying. Never once did I have a problem with a buyer, anyway. We would need some way to prevent sellers from backing out of a deal once the minimum bid had been reached.
  12. Well, with my concept. The player who wants to buy (wins the auction) would only buy anything if the one who is selling it has already put the item into a chest that it's ready to be sold.
    It also has a fee to take the item back from that chest so i don't know if they would risk.
    People would only pay for an item if they get it. If no, they won't move their money :)
  13. Copher, the main issue I see is the code. Rather than something randomly generated like that, the code could just be the position of the auction relative to other auctions (e.g. the 17th auction's code would be 17) or, alternatively, a position code in hexadecimal base (e.g. the 349th auction's code would be 15D.) This would mean that a code well over what normal people can remember could be condensed into a code which is sometimes more easily remembered than a residence number.

    If I could extend further on the auction code idea, we could even have it implemented in Base 36 (e.g. the 349th auction's code would be 9P) making it even easier to remember.

    Another issue I can see is that only one slot is allowed. I once tried to auction 3 enchanted iron pickaxes, how would I do that with this system?
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  14. Well, the thing is that if the server alllows multiple items to be auctioned then it will collapse, because it would have to generate real long codes
    *based on my idea of the code containing the item info DPXEF3UNB3* and also people will just use it to auction like lots of random items.
    I would believe it would be better if you could only auction 1 item at a time, if you have 3 items to auction just make 3 codes :)

    Also, well de code it's basically a combination of random numbers (could be base 36, 64, hexa, binary or whatever you want, but it has to contain the item information so the one that's buying the item actually knows what he is buyin :)
  15. The code doesn't have to actually contain info for the item. The server could create a .dat file containing all the items, create a small code of mine, and assign it to that file. Simples.

    And, since these codes are so small, a secondary code could be created to view the item to prove to everyone that the person holding the auction does have the item/s.
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  16. Yeah, but just as you said, if the original code it's small then adding the seccond to the first would be no trouble.
    -- this would be the large code, it says: (5randomcharacters)DPXUN3EF3 and in hexadecimal it's: 33 50 34 48 44 50 58 55 4e 33 45 46 33
  17. Tbh i think you should have trusted sellers like If sagem4tt sells "x" amount of items and is proven trustworthy he gets a title Trusted under his name so people know he can be trusted not to back out it could be split up into 2 threads
    Trusted section and Auction place Only trusted members can post in the trusted section obv but anyone can sell in the auction place.
    People should be told to buy from trusted players but if people work up a good rep in the auction place they earn the Trusted title
    (i know i babble on about the same thing tell me if you need me to explain more)
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  18. Yeah it could work nice, also, that made me remember about the report system Wasnt it supposed to have a trust system or something? *Really off but not worth making a thread for it xD*

    EDIT: I totally got what you mean, like below of "Diamond Supporter" maybe a "Auction Trusted *maybe could add ranks so maybe 5 great auctions it's iron, gold it's 10 and diamond it's 20*
  19. It would be nice to have some purple or light green to answer here :)
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  20. The 2 different thread was just an idea :) but im glad you like it :) I dont think there should be different levels just Trusted Seller in green or something :)