{IDEA} Make diamond drops more common

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  1. Just alittle idea~ To make diamonds dropping from enraged mobs more common.

    Diamonds are at a price, which is too high.

    What do you think?
  2. Well, you can rake in tons of rupees by voting + daily bonus and while I agree diamonds should be about 50r I don't think this is the way to do it.
  3. Diamonds going up in price is actually quite a fantastic thing. This forces people to actually go out and mine them instead of buying them with rupees.
  4. Maybe not mine, enraged fighting is a good idea too. Leaving a balance for players to pick convenience or frugality would be a good component of the "play your way" style the administration is stressing.
  5. Nope. Rising prices are healthy.
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  6. Honestly, the higher they go, the more people will realize that it's better to go out and mine for them, the way they are supposed to be collected. So keep it up diamond economy! :D
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  7. Diamond prices went up? Had no idea since I am one of the folks that mines everything I need and only bought a few items when I started playing on emc for the convenience.

    Just to stop the usual they are hard to find argument - on a normal night of mining I get between 150 and 200 diamonds, then again I know the best locations to find them. Do a little research and you can get all the diamonds you can possibly use mining them. (The right location + fortune III pick = lots of diamonds)
  8. I actually thought they were too common. I think I got over 10 diamonds from enraged mobs.
  9. Didn't they use to be at like 30r per diamond?
  10. 35, but that was over two years ago.
  11. If you think 50 rupees for a diamond is high, then you should just go back to single player. In fact, we should be trying to make diamonds price go HIGHER.
  12. I've been here a week and am making a diamond path with the extra diamond ore i don't need for enchanted picks and such (don't have a house, just a path) Then a few enraged mobs gave me extra diamonds and an emerald - jaw drop tyvm. Hope you don't make it any easier or i won't have a reason to go play tunnel rat.

    Pricing - i don't buy just sell so more is better :). Have a great minecraft day!
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