[Idea] Get rid of overpopulation

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  1. The Empire has been getting more and more members, which is a problem because that means we need more residences eventually? When is eventually? I don't know!

    Solution? The Empire Games

    We pick 2 people from each SMP and place them in a large map with PVP enabled. Every time somebody dies, they get permabanned.

    Last survivor gets immunity from every other Empire Games

    We have this monthly.

    Events during the Empire Games:
    • Every 30 minutes, a Momentus and Marlix spawns randomly on the map
    • All mobs that spawn are enraged
    • Map gets smaller and smaller as players get killed.
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  2. omg... you.. you.... now I can't stop laughing!
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  3. Heh heh heh
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  4. Well this wouldn't really work, more than 2 people join every month so.

    We could just have SMP wars, everyone who dies gets banned.

    But then we'd only have SMP8.
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  5. 18 people in all would play. SMP1-9
    1 would be allowed to stay

    Over time, everybody will join EMC and we will get rid of 17/18 of them.
  6. Smp8 is all emc needs.
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  7. I think SMP8 would be too distracted with fish and would die first.
  8. Dont you think aikar pays(dont know if they are paid, but this is my assumption) for ads on Minecraft websites for a reason?
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  9. To gather subjects. Is there any other reason?
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  10. EMC in a nutshell
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