[IDEA] Create a stock market

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  1. They should make a stock market so investers can make or lose r and shops can get funds
  2. Something like this would be cool, I agree with the idea....but more details?
  3. EMC doesn't allow banking and you want to go into finance?

    Although there is a good economy in EMC that is just one part of it and not the main focus (for many). A stock market would require regulation and it just seems like a way to bypass the loan rules.

    I got funds by mining, crafting, selling to shops and then after 6 months, opening my own shop (which cost me nothing to build, I only used the materials I had collected). And after a month on EMC I started voting. Loads of cash. And then there are promos. You can get a good starter fund by selling one promo!

    If you mean providing funds for people that have only just started on EMC why would you take the chance with your money. Let people prove they are trustworthy first. For me, that takes more than a month on EMC.
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  4. It'd create a whole new commodity to trade, [people's shops]. But I imagine that it'd take a good bit of code to make the idea work. To take all those ruppee logs and then somehow make them public and then make some sort of metrics out them would probably have to be done so one could therefore decide if a stock price is too cheap, or too expensive.

    Shop's would probably only be able to become public once they prove that they are profitable (and trustworthy). I guess the shop owner could keep 51% of the stock if they wish to keep control and decide on the dividend (and therefore influence the shop price) to which to reward investors. (shop's that continuously raise dividends go crazy in value, other's who cut dividend get really cheap and undesirable). There could be shareholder meetings which would be fun and social and to decide how to become more profitable and where to take the shop next. If one were to give up control and sell more than 51% of their shop, I guess then it become a democracy on what to do with the shop. Stock splits could be done when the price gets way too high if they ruling majority of shareholders votes for it (they add no value, just help smaller investors get in on the action)

    I think it'd be a great idea. Though it'd take work on staff's part to make it reality and for them to make regulations. It could help with irl trading, add more engagement and social aspect to empire.
  5. And shops would only get funds when they ipo, if you wanted it to make it like real life. Unless the server starts rewarding public shops for being public. Dangers in the "shop market" would be the ruling shareholder going derelict and the shop entirely disappearing. Then the stock would be worthless. Benefits would be getting items and rupees to where they are really needed (like i hear everyone tell me the smp8 economy is dead). Fortunes would be made and lost for sure. And it'd be fun. I hope staff looks into this. I'm sure there can be rules that make it fair and fun for everyone.
  6. I'll even throw my hat in to say I'd help to try to get the stock market system going by helping staff if they wanted to do the idea and they wanted help.
  7. I know it would take some coding but it would make the emc economy more like a real economy and it would be fun trying to gain profits buying and selling stock
  8. I think we would need to show how this would not be a loan, which is against the rules as of now. It'd be like running a corporate empire. Which would be perfect because that's the name of the server and its an economy server. You could elect people to your board and they could have duties. Anyone want to help brainstorm on how we could get this accepted and implemented?
  9. If u coded it right u could make it safe and make it profit able and u could add a stock market on this website pluse u could make it show how profitable each business is
  10. The problem is that Minecraft in general is pretty bad at being an economy sim without some huge changes. Since EMC is just Minecraft++, these changes likely won't be put into effect. You could instead try setting your own stock market up that allows players to buy stocks (maybe a renamed book) and the shop owner for the stock must give weekly earning reports to you and you will change the sell and buy prices accordingly. For example, a shop owner sets up a shop and starts with 10r per stock and 100 stocks. 10*100 = 10,000 so they must be making 10,000r per week for that price. The next week, they contact you and say they made 20,000r that week. You then change the shop sign for their stock to have buy and sell prices at 20r per stock. Those who already bought stock can choose to resell the books and make a profit. The shop signs will have the shop owners name on it.
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  11. People agreeing to pay each other a certain amount of money at a certain time in exchange for a certain amount of money?

    Lol no. EMC staff have had this aversion to finance forever, ain't happening, unless M4nic_M1ner and co. stage a leadership coup.

    They state it's because it'd be too difficult to moderate, but I advocate a more laissez-faire approach and the implementation of a forum contract system. Which I have seen successfully implemented on at least one other server (albeit a stated 'hardcore economy' server).

    But if they have other priorities, I respect that fully.


    So yes, the stock market idea you suggest in its current form won't work.

    But I have seen a system implemented where people could transfer their server currency onto a forum 'bank' and then invest it in a fantasy stock exchange which tracks the real life US stock exchanges, and subsequently make or lose money. It's definitely possible.
  12. I think you misunderstood it. The shop signs have the shop owner's name on them. Not the name of whoever is running the market. No money will transfer except through the use of shop signs. There are no agreements. A shop owner will report how much they made to the stock market hoster. The hoster updates the signs with the new prices and players can choose to buy or sell stock. Players will be receiving actual items in exchange for the rupees and have the option to sell the items back for possibly more money.
  13. Hmm, interesting.

    But still, EMC is not an economy server, so I cannot foresee that Aikar and the devs will want to pay this any attention.
  14. Remember October 29, 1929?

  15. I do, like it was yesterday. Decent day.
  16. this idea has been m=rejected many times, but it is a cool idea
  17. Aikar said in his "Vision for EMC" thread that he eventually plans to integrate a stock market and full financial system :)
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  18. Yeah the great depression was so bad in the long run lol. The Dow Jones Industrial Index hit a low of about 40 in the great depression. Friday it closed at 18,272. If I did my math right, that's a 45,680% gain. I'd gladly lose 90% of my investment, so I can stay in it for the long haul and wind up with 45,ooox my principal and a pretty decent income from dividends that grow every year. I've attached the chart for your viewing pleasure. As you can see, the great depression is nothing but a small blip in the grand scheme of things. I hope this will help you gain interest in the real stock market for your benefit of retiring at a decent age, and the empire's in game exchange for it's benefit (and fun!). DJIA_historical_graph.svg.png
  19. I'll state again, if staff is interested ,or in the future gets interested, in this, I'll gladly use my knowledge of public real life markets to help empire get one that's fun and fair for all. It could be very educational to users too.
  20. Not a bad idea if players really wanted to do the "shop market" badly enough. I may consider it in the future for smp8 if: it's totally cool by the mod's and people want to do this. But I suppose the topic of this thread is a server ran one?