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  1. The pvp arena is AWESOME, but I have an idea for it.
    The idea is /bounty [Player] [Amount] you can do this, can when someone kills them, they get the amount.

    What do you think?
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  2. Wow! Now this sounds interesting
    Could be very fun to do, plus everyone would be like
    /bounty Aikar 10 xD
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  3. There are a lot of flaws with this. What if the player leaves the pvp arena? And it isn't very fair that that player will suddenly be mass-attacked by other people wanting the bounty.
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  4. Then I could do /bounty mrunknownian 30000 let's see who will have the last mrunknownian!!!!!!!! It will be me! XD
  5. Your bounty says until you return
  6. and if the player never returns?
  7. Then its gone
  8. How about you do
    /bounty Somebody Rupee amount
    25% gets taken out as a fee, 75% of the rupees is the reward.
  9. Why a fee?
  10. Take some rupees out of the economy and because it sounds a bit suitable.
  11. But I thought we wanted a little inflation
  12. this would be awesome
  13. Great idea
  14. I like this. +1
    I'll find a mod on and tell them to bug aikat about this
  15. It wouldn't make a difference, the transaction occurs only if the player is killed.
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