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Do you think this a good idea?

Yes 6 vote(s) 25.0%
No 20 vote(s) 83.3%
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  1. Hi guys, I think there should be 1 change to the server, There should be a change of letting members (with no ranks) have 2 residences instead of 1.
    HelloKittyRo x Art studois
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  2. Guys, just post a comment like this, last time you guys hurt my feelings :(, I don't think it's the best idea. That's all you need to say...
  3. I think things should stay the way they are.
    Edit: If you are going to edit the OP, you should leave the original content (you wanted an increase in the daily rupees handouts) so that the thread doesn't become a disconnected mess.
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  4. I do to, leme fix that..
  5. Kitty,

    I would stop posting new threads for a bit. I am glad you are excited about emc and all, but you have been spamming the forums with threads.
  6. People won't just reply to every thread. It takes more than 10 minutes for people to even notice something new.
  7. I know that, I'm not dumb.
  8. Then there is no need to keep replying to it as it's a form of bumping.
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  9. K????
  10. I don't think they should. Changes should happen. Not because EMC is not good as it is now, but because new additions every now and then are fun. For example, I'd like 1.8 to be released sometime in the future, even though I like 1.7 as well.
  11. LKKKK
  12. New features are Usually good, and always better than no progress at all.

    I'd prefer 1.8 and DTombs come out some time. ;)
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  13. Thank you, I'm not kidding, that is a good opinion.
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  14. If everything stayed the same eventually we would all get bored and leave and the EMC would be like a ghost town :3
    Not a good thing
  15. Ok... But choose kinds:D
  16. I do think this server is awesome, but sometimes we need change. Without change, EMC would get boring. Sometimes, the world around us changes so we must adapt to it, like when Mojang created the EULA (Which is very, very poorly enforced). EMC is pretty amazing how it is now, but there is always room for improvement :D
  17. Hi Kitty,

    Well, I like your enthusiasm; I see someone has discovered the forums and decided to jump in head-first :) But yeah, I also have to agree with Olaf up there. But hey; sometimes one gets carried away a bit, it can happen to all of us (yes, I actually speak from personal experience).

    So to your question... I can see where you're coming from and I like it. But change is a big part of life and it allows and helps us to evolve and become better. And I think EMC has really managed to do just that.

    For example, when I got onto EMC (said the relatively new guy :D)... Ok, that had me grinning. But seriously: when I got here last December we didn't have features such as preview signs and the /dispose command (that command has helped me so tremendously when mining!). And now we have!

    But as said, I can see where you're coming from. Other things, take the Frontier for example, really shouldn't change! And I can come up with more example: we (players) should also be able to rely on the fact that the staff (who really do a remarkable job in my opinion) remain as professional as they are now.

    Same thing for us volunteers (the EMC volunteer teams as I like to call them (Build, Youtube and Contrib)): the community should also be able to expect from us that we continue doing what we do best: help to come up with cool new design for buildings, try to help make EMC even better known by making cool and enjoyable Youtube videos and of course the guys and girls who try to help players to learn how EMC works by updating the wiki and writing new blog posts.

    Those are the parts which definitely shouldn't change in my opinion.

    So it's a 50/50 for me.

    Or to sum it up (I should have thought about that earlier ;)): EMC should really try to remain as awesome as they are now :)

    Now that I can agree to :)

    (EDIT): I did read things correctly but it seems you reworded some things in your question. Oh well, this is my answer.
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  18. Ok, that's your opinion:D