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  1. Eggifying in the wild for free is great. I do not believe that you should have to pay for the animals you capture in the wild, as it is not really fair for people who live out far in the wild.
    If someone creates a animal farm and has alot of animals (20+) They would have to spend 100R for every one of THEIR animals they have already bred to move them.
    I'm not sure if it would be unfair for people to be able to eggify for free, but i felt i should put the idea out there that it should be in consideration for this to become a permanent thing.
  2. I think this is a great idea. However, Justin has his reasons, and I'm sure that an implementation of this would lead to abuse of the eggifying system for anyone to just take from the wilderness, where many people have animal farms. Now my opinion may differ from others but I think this has both many pros and cons.
  3. ^ Exactly. All you need is a stick and you have the freedom of wiping out the entire Animal Life. If I was bored enough I'd just spend 30 minutes sprinting around collecting millions of animals. Here's something I would like to point out. Justin has the wild reset occurring on Thursday, and all the special privileges ending on Sunday.. That gives about 4 days of people using the vault in the wild and eggifying for free. The reason I don't agree with this is because that gives people FOUR DAYS to run around collecting animals in the new fresh wild.
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  4. It's worth noting however that animals do continue to occasionally spawn in the wild, so there's really no way to completely eradicate it. They do spawn slower than mobs, but spawn nonetheless.

    Additionally, if you live in the wild, unless there's absolutely no animals anywhere nearby to where you're set up, you can just lead them back with wheat for free.
  5. Ever since 1.8, it has become EXTREMELY rare for Animals to spawn in already spawned chunks.
  6. Okay,How about this,Gold and Diamond supporters do it for free,Evryone else has to pay?

    This way,It becomes more useful to pay for Gold or diamond.

    We could also implement a special feature for diamond supporters that enabled eggifying other mobs like skeleton and spiders.Then we could add to the town that Mobs wont spawn but you can use the eggs to make them spawn...

    Sorry for bad written post but I just got up from bed :)
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  7. A think that gold & diamond should be able to mine monster spawners using either a silk touch pick or a diamond pick this would then be great for people in town to get mob drrops
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  8. That would be really good, unfortunately mob spawners lose their identity (spider/zombie/skeleton) when they're mined, so they all become pig spawners when they're placed, apparently.
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  9. Yeah i think the ID for spawners is in the 250's and there is only ONE. Not like 10. I mean there is always a way to get around problems like this. I just think that spawners should be left the way they are.
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  10. Well even though its not alot, animals do spawn so they wouldn't be wiped from the wilderness.
    And i think i agree that free egification should be a supporter-pro perk for Gold+Diamond, and non-supporters should not get this for free.
  11. If i eggify 2 sheep i bring them to my res and breed and sell i don't continue to get them from the wild. So hypothetically if i don't buy from a shop it only costs 200r to start an animal farm for a specific animal. Honestly each supporter package has enough of a daily bonus to do so.
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  12. I'm talking about people who are living in the wild
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  13. Ever noticed how WE make this empire run? we deserve the BEST!
  14. We help, but free players are an important part of EMC too. If it weren't for free players then the community would be very small, and who would become a supporter?
  15. Wait, what else would you be using rupees on if you're in the wild anyways that would make you not want to use them on eggifying?
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  16. I agree But I would only think the main farm animals that notch first made like these. Chicken, cows, pigs, and sheep
  17. why do you need to eggify them to move them if you live in the wild? Just lead them with wheat.
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  18. Why would we need to bring mobs to town? That is completely useless to be honest. And this whole free eggify. No. We're lucky we are even able to eggify to begin with. It's SUPPOSED to be transferring your animals from the wild to your house or moving animals from res to res. Unfortunately, it's being abused and everyone just runs around with sticks. I haven't seen an animal in Utopia since the free eggify update.
  19. Justin did say we could take advantage of the free stuff this week even if it wasn't used for packing up our bases. Once the reset has happened and after the free eggification is gone, the animals will slowly repopulate even though there might be a lot near the spawn gone in the few days after reset.
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  20. Well like I said, FOUR days after the reset will everything be back to normal. That gives people four days to wipe out the animals. Trust me after all this there will be little to no animals existent.